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I just stumbled into a prime example of a local action I could take that matters right this instant. This afternoon @thedeadparrot tweeted a link to an article about a Boston city councilor who yesterday expressed his desire to make Boston a “sanctuary city” immigrants, i.e. defy Trump & co. by barring local law enforcement from initiating or participating in deportation actions.

I googled the City Council’s phone number, called, and got put through to an aide right away. Here follows an illuminating conversation:

Me: Hi, my name is [Stulti]; I’m a resident of [neighborhood]. I just read in the Herald that Tito Jackson wants to make Boston a sanctuary for immigrants. I’m calling to express my support.
Aide, choking a little: Support??
Me: Yes, I want Boston to do everything possible to protect immigrants, documented or not.
Aide: You’re actually the first person to call in support of that.
Me: Really?Aide: It’s been a rough day.
Me: Oh, jeez. Well, I hope it improves. I feel very strongly about this issue.Aide: Thank you for calling.Me: Thank you. Hang in there. Bye.

Moral of the story: There are legislators out there right now, trying to get the damage control in motion. They’re being harangued by, at a guess, right-wing retirees with nothing better to do. Plug their numbers into your phones and even the score.

If no one on your city council has proposed such a measure, call to suggest it. I’ve been told phoning is best, but if telephones give you hives, send an email.

Ah dang, it didn’t occur to me that I could call in support of good things and that’s also really important. Otherwise they’ll only hear negative feedback about stuff like sanctuary cities and might decide they’re a bad idea. I’m gonna make some calls.


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