Oct. 5th, 2016

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you: I want a sugar daddyme, an intellectual: i have a need for a glucose father

everyone reblogging this and saying its “sucrose.” listen you clowns. listen. i don’t give a mcfuckadoodle doo about your correct terminology you science SJW freaks. it’s glucose or fucking die

the people reblogging and saying “sucrose” are actually working with a shallow understanding of the concept of sugar. sucrose is, specifically, table sugar. but “sugar” is a term for a family of molecules, including glucose. just because it’s a simple sugar that one is unlikely to find in a kitchen doesn’t make it less applicable for use in this post. sucrose isn’t “sugar”, it’s a sugar, as are glucose, fructose, galactose, maltose, and lactose. you could use any of these and the post’s internal logic would hold up. nowhere in the phrase “sugar daddy” does it indicate that we’re referring to a table sugar daddy. the original post is scientifically sound
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It’s flat to the west and hilly to the east, and absolutely empty for miles, even of most billboards. At night, driving up the northern coast, there are no streetlights or anything in between towns; just rows of wind-blown dunes and the occasional house built of adobe and sheet metal on the side of the road, lit by a couple of bare bulbs. Some of the dunes are old huacas from before the Spanish, before the Inca, and the people who live in the area could probably tell you which ones, maybe even have collections of its pottery on display in their homes, but from inside of a bus it’s impossible to tell. There are occasional small towns, just a row of bodegas and menús and llanterías along the side of the road with some barely-finished houses wedged between. The buildings are all squared-off and flat-topped, brick whitewashed and painted in pastels that always need washing, with wrought iron bars on all the windows. The street lights are always yellow-orange, hung between tangles of phone and electrical wires. Depending on the town, the piles and piles of garbage bags and old tires either line the area between the sidewalk and the road, or fill in an acre of sour-smelling land just outside the town. Either way, there are always skinny, tick-covered dogs digging through the trash for food. Maybe they have people they live with; maybe they don’t. They flash by the bus, too, and then the road falls back into darkness. The sand dunes are white-and-black where the headlights reach them; then black-and-black until they meet the sky. When it’s dawn, the bus stops in a brick-walled compound with one or two bodegas, a lot of pickup trucks, a set of outhouses, and another rangy dog. There’s mist and condensation on the windows in the pale grey morning light, but it isn’t going to rain, because it never rains.
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i just want a period piece centered around black people that isn’t about being slaves/servants

where’s our steamy 60s drama?

where’s our 30s Harlem Renaissance coming of age flick?

where’s our Victorian steampunk sci-fi adventure?

where is it? where? tell me where?????

in film or books, cus in books there’s 

sula by toni morisson is a steamy psychological coming of age drama i’m pretty sure taking place in the 60′s or 50′s, about two black girls in a predominately black town in Ohio, whose lives go in different but parallel directions after sharing a childhood trauma. 

mumbo jumbo is harlem renaissance era post-modern comedy about hougan detective searching for a mysterious suppressed african text, and battling the forces of white supremacy in a conspiracy to undermine black culture going back thousands of years. 

yellow-back radio broke down is a western written like a radio-show about a black cowboy named the lupe garoo kid, and a clear influence on blazing saddles that would come years later.

perdido street station’s main character is a overweight black scientist, living in a Dickensian city of magical steam punk sci fi adventure and multiple sentient races, who is involved in a secret and illegal inter-species relationship with a beetle-headed artist, and on the verge of a breakthrough in unifying magic and science. 

and pym (retro sci-fi/parody/adventure) and zone one (zombie survival horror) are great genre stories, but both are in modern era. this is also excluding afro-futurist  stuff. 

in film there’s 

yeelen - set in ancient africa, about a young man with magic powers on a quest to find his evil sorcerer father. the first real fantasy film in african cinema. black writer, director, and cast. 

daughters of the dust- set in a isolated black community living off the american coast over three generations. the first feature film directed by a black women. black writer, director, and cast. 

harlem nights- harlem renaissance era crime comedy starring three generations of comedy genius. black writer, director, and cast. 

hoodlum- underrated gangster film about black gangsters in harlem. black director and cast

ganja and hess- black vampire art film set in the 70s. black writer, director, and cast. 

chameleon street-  based on a true story about black con man in the 80s who was able to successfully impersonate lawyers, doctors, and professors, spielberg’s “catch me if you can” is essentially white washed version of the same idea. black writer, director, and cast. 

the killer of sheep- neo-realist coming of age film about black lives in 70′s Watts, made originally as a student film thesis. black writer, director, and cast. 

belle is period peace from a black film-maker, but predominately white cast, while beasts of the southern wild, attack the block, the people under the stairs, def by temptation, vampire in brooklyn, and after earth are sci-fi/fantasy/horror films with predominately black casts but not period pieces. Medicine for Melancholy, An Oversimplification Of Her Beauty, and Top Five are conversation driven romantic comedies with black, casts, writers, and directors. 90′s era set coming of age in the wood, the brothers, love and basketball, and upcoming dope.  

i think nearly all other black films fall under Spike Lee, Tyler Perry, 70′s exploitation films, dance movies, 90′s hood films, civil rights & slavery films, musician biopics, African cinema, and pre-Hollywood Race Films, but I might have missed some that don’t fall into these. 

Sorry to over-respond. Happy hunting. 

much appreciated on the whole list! that was a lot of time and effort and it rocks

Thank you so much!!!



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