Oct. 30th, 2016

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Genderswapping MCU characters - Part 1 (because I have too many I want to do, including the girls)

All my Avengers AUs here
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Jarmo Mäkilä (Finnish, b. 1952), Hirveksi muuttunut poika salaisuuksien portilla I [The boy changed into a stag at the gate of secrets I], 2009. Oil on canvas, 267 x 196 cm.
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You know what I want more of? Variety in aliens. No, I don’t mean more designs for alien species. I mean variety within a species. They always seem to have the same government, the same culture, the same religion, the same language. Come on, humans don’t work that way! 

“Say, there’s a Qualar over there. What are they saying?”

“No idea.”


“That’s a Kinzian Qualar. I’m a Surolian Qualar. You’d have just as much luck understanding them as I would. You’re lucky I even speak Human.”

“Human isn’t a language.”

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I’ve seen a lot of videos going around of urban-dwelling critters coming to humans for help with various problems, ranging from boxes stuck on their heads to young trapped down a storm drain, and it’s gotten me to thinking:

On the one hand, it’s kind of fascinating that they know to do that.

On the other hand, setting any questions of how this sort of behaviour must have arisen aside for the nonce, does it ever strike you how weird it is that we’ve got a whole collection of prey species whose basic problem-solving script ends with the step “if all else fails, go bother one of the local apex predators and maybe they’ll fix the problem for no reason”?

oh god

we’re the greek gods to them


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