Nov. 18th, 2016

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via have one final shot to flip a Senate seat:



If you listen to nothing else, please listen to this. There will be a run-off Senate election on Dec 10th in Louisiana, and the Democrats have a shot at winning. If they could get that one seat, it would flip the Senate 51-49 in their favor, and keep the GOP from having complete control of Congress. This is HUGE. This is whether or not SCOTUS Judges get approved, whether or not Bills get passed. 

That thing going around about pressuring electors to name Clinton President over Trump is never going to happen. Ever. But this is a thing that actually could. If you know anybody who knows anybody who lives in Louisiana, pressure them to vote for Foster Campbell. Pay for their cab to the polls! Hell, donate to their campaign! This is not fear mongering or hyperbole when I say this last race is life or death for millions of people.

Democrats have one final shot to flip a Senate seat – but in order to pull off an upset, they need to quickly rally around the Louisiana candidate whose victory could be a bright spot in an otherwise dismal year. Public Service Commissioner – and jovial cattle farmer – Foster Campbell will face off against Republican State Treasurer John Kennedy, a twice-failed Senate candidate, in a Dec. 10 runoff.

On the surface, it might seem like a lost cause: A Democrat running a statewide campaign in Louisiana in the Year of Trump. On the contrary, though, Campbell has a legitimate shot to upset his opponent the same way Democratic Gov. John Bel Edwards did in 2015. Yes, Louisiana has a Democratic governor. He’s busy at the moment cleaning up the fiscal mess left by his predecessor, failed presidential candidate and Kenneth-the-Page avatar Bobby Jindal.

Edwards pulled off an upset in part because of Jindal’s failures, and in part because he ran against, a less-than-charismatic politician tainted by a bygone prostitution scandal. But Edwards prevailed not only as an anti-Jindal and anti-Vitter. As an Army veteran with family law enforcement ties and a calm demeanor, he was a strong candidate in his own right.

Campbell, too, is a good bet; he has a wicked sense of humor and speaks plainly. During a recent debate, he rebutted false allegations of ties to ex-KKK leader David Duke, saying, “I have nothing in common with David Duke other than we’re probably breathing.”

Democrats who feel frustrated, fearful, and angry following Donald J. Trump’s upset win, listen up: Go donate $5 to Campbell’s campaign. If you’re in Louisiana, vote for him on Dec. 10. If you know someone in Louisiana, spread the word. Help raise money and awareness for Campbell.

Electing Foster Campbell is the most immediate way to rebuke President-elect Trump. A Campbell victory would mean a 51-49 split in the Senate. This is the last best way to make a difference in 2016.

Campbell is a fighter. During his career, he’s fought for ethics reform, lower energy rates for rural consumers, and for victims of domestic violence. Guided by a love of family and a deep-seated faith, he fights for the little man – and woman.

He can win. Repeat that over and over until you take action. The national Republican apparatus is gearing up to defeat him, and you can make a difference.

Campbell is a man of the people; Kennedy is counting on the elite. This year alone, he was the beneficiary of $400,000 from a political action committee funded by one Chicago family.

Campbell doesn’t have a Chicago sugar daddy; he has gumption. Fight for Foster.

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I guess you could say that’s a….. racist pig

oh so it aint even a subtle thing.

This movie went over so many heads

This movie covers racism very gracefully and it’s really amazing

#can we all just go watch zootopia now
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reordered some medication

called City Council about Boston being a “sanctuary city” and talked to a staff member about what rights undocumented immigrants have here

went rock climbing and successfully did a circuit of tiny handholds

failed to do any really successful climbs after that but I had fun and that’s the most important part
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zeus: I should be the head of things.
hera: tonigt is townholl that mean you can ask me question such as for instance like: is it hard being so perfec?
aphrodite: If police on strike, who gonna arrest me for going over the beauty limit?
dionysus: hey is does anybody going to ask what I wearing to debate hint:: it nothing I not waring anythin
apollo: i'm could release my medicinal records. doctor says I have a chronic case of the handsome
artemis: i mildly inconvenience by certain things and i not gonna take it anymore.
athena: more like opposable dumbs
hades: I have tea party with many friends. so many friends that I have.
demeter: I wear a leaf for enhance my beauties.
poseidon: when I place my head to my bottom I can hear the ocean
hermes: i can drink coffee it coffee for drink coffee i can handle coofee coffee to drink coffee yes good everything under control cofeen is yes yes
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Reed* is finally at a point where she’s ready to try talking about her feelings, she thinks she’s gonna be THE BEST at acknowledging the gaping abyss of sadness within her, and Viola** is like “what is a feeling don’t be silly those aren’t real” because she is a crotchety old woman who figures she’s going to die soon anyway, no point in being introspective and spending her last days crying.

(Little does she know.)

*40yo Bronx native and police officer
**70yo medieval Chosen One and dragonslayer
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stomach: empty

spiders: ready

fork: out

I am forcibly escorted from the dataset
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as for me and my house we will serve the Lord
and systematically decimate capitalism, racism, and the cis-heteropatriarchy

inspired by this post | pattern available for free

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An owl astral cartographer 


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I couldn’t sleep but wasn’t feeling well enough to run this morning, so I lay in bed thinking about this until I decided to write it down. My degrees aren’t in history (though they do concern the study of it) and my formal studies in the second world war aren’t extensive, but my informal studies are. I’ve spent a long time studying the factors that went into Hitler’s rise to power in specific and what happened once he was in power.

So if America is intending to go down that road, I thought I’d write a little bit about what we can expect to see next, in the hopes that people will recognize when and where they can act to stop it. People ask how Germans couldn’t know what was happening and where they were going; well, we have their road map, so we certainly have no excuse.

(There is a readmore below. If it’s not working for you, I can’t help; your best bet is to get off mobile or change browsers.)

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Some of this is stuff people know, and some isn’t. WALL OF TEXT incoming, soz!

Talk to friends and family who voted for Trump; most of them didn’t know about the Putin connection, etc. (the media didn’t do an awesome job covering this, or the alt-right support. A lot of voters just didn’t like Hillary for various reasons or always vote Republican for various reasons.) Using words that belittle them will not win friends and influence people, and you kinda want to do the latter.

Points to make:

1. This is NOT about Hillary or blaming anyone for whichever third party candidate they voted for, or name-calling. This is largely about someone meaning what they said while running not just as rhetoric. Trump wasn’t just “saying those things to get votes,” or “Oh well, he didn’t mean all that stuff.”

Realize that voters are influenced by the internet and (varying) media sources and echo chambers exist; voters saw two (well, more than two) differing perspectives prior to the election and on an ongoing basis on social media:

2. Emphasize when something is unpatriotic/unconstitutional/goes against our Bill of Rights. and KNOW YOUR BILL OF RIGHTS:

(Assembly, petitions, free speech, etc.)

3. Say something when a government decision does not honor American values of fairness and freedom for all. Talk to your friends and family and share it. (Check your facts first! Use legitimate news sources viewed as neutral by people who do not normally agree with your politics: They can dismiss Daily Kos and Salon because of “bias.” Use THEIR trusted news sources, too!)

Likewise, when a conservative politician like Lindsay Graham calls for preserving the filibuster or wants to investigate the Russian impact on the election, both GOOD THINGS, share this. Share Glenn Beck’s stuff (somehow, he woke up.) Look for more people and stories like these, from retired generals and others. Thank the mainstream media when they cover stories that expose hinky behavior by this incoming administration.

4. Use “view all recent” on Facebook and talk to your Uncle Fred with whom you normally disagree and politely engage with him about your concerns, not just your echo chamber who likes all of your posts. He does not see you if you do not interact, because of Facebook’s algorithm. He does not hear you if you don’t speak his language. See #4 for language.

5. Call your congressional representatives when you observe something that is unconstitutional or abnormal happening. Here is a list of things to look at, for example: You are a voter and they represent you. Most elected officials are actually pretty invested in the Constitution and not being on the wrong side of history. Again: “This is unpatriotic.” “This violates the Constitution.” “This violates the Geneva Convention.” “This is not what America is about.” “This is un-American.” “This puts our country at risk.” …these are words to use, along with facts, because you know your Constitution and Bill of Rights. For example, I engaged with an older veteran recently who was very, “Oh, shhh, respect the results of the election, Trump won,” and I showed him what Trump had said about targeting the families of terrorists - wives and kids. This is against the Geneva Convention, and if we throw that out the window, we are putting our captured troops at risk. He. Was. Horrified. And he is now following different news sources. Engaging with people 1-1 WORKS.

6. USE imagery that speaks to people about these things. Also, if you look at the Red Feed in the WSJ link above, you’ll see that protesters are being framed as violent sore loser Millennial hipsters. Counter this with positive, true stories about peaceful protests, constitutional freedom of speech and facts about economic issues/what Trump’s plans will do to the economy, the danger of the US not working together with NATO and our traditional allies, and the like.

7. Think. WWCAD: What Would Captain America Do? He’d defend the Constitution, is what he’d do. And he’d punch Hitler in the face.

A great addition of some concrete actions you can take, thanks Foxy!

And as with my list of actions to take, this list assumes you are capable of these – if you aren’t, for whatever reason, this is not meant to guilt you into it. This is meant for people who can take action but aren’t sure how to.


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