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Green Day posted this picture on their Facebook page:

Which, given their history of political opinions, makes sense.

But the comments are fucking wild, man.  Like, did these commentators even listen to any of Green Day’s work?

Buddy, you used Green Day as an escape from politics?  I don’t think you understand how that works.

Yes, yes, Green Day should stay out of politics.  They’ve really been known for the quietness on political events (*sarcasm*).

What are Green Day’s music or public statements makes you think they are willing to sit by and let an authoritarian demagogue rise without protesting that?  He hasn’t said “mean things,” he’s a fucking dictator-in-waiting.

But at least some commentators got it:


why do people keep getting surprised when they find politics in contemporary art
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[Redacted] replied to: Rage Donating 

too many places where money is just being sloshed around with no purpose. create a singular movement with a plan and action towards this and I’ll donate. everything else is essentially feeding the pigeons.

Good idea. Such a helpful suggestion!

You start.

Go ahead. Find the cause you want to give to that you think will do more than “feed pigeons” (good job calling every person in need a pigeon, makes them seem less human so you don’t have to worry when you don’t give). Give to it and publicize it. Come on, let’s see it. Cough up the goods so we can give too.

On the other hand you’re clearly of a morally superior nature and only give to the most pure and efficient of causes, so maybe there isn’t one that will satisfy you. Gosh, I suppose you’ll have to start one yourself. 

Seriously, we’re waiting. We’d love to support the single movement with a plan and action towards this, so saddle up and make it. Get everyone on board. Get it publicized. It’ll take some time, sure, but you sound like you know everything so I’m sure you can accomplish it. 

Meanwhile the pigeon-feeders will serve an immediate need with the money others choose to give them. It’s almost like they’re doing their best and you’re being a lazy, smug asshole about sitting there with your thumb up your ass helping exactly nobody. 

If you’re not going to give and you’re not going to help because you expect a solution to be brought to you on a silver platter so you can deign to bless it with your money, then I cordially invite you to

shut the fuck up and go fuck yourself. 
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“attention readers: no homo”

just guys being pals

Historical figure: hey i want this dudes lips to touch my lips bcs he is my soul and my life

Historian: I’m sure there’s a very heterosexual explanation for this, honest

I don’t know about Polish, but in Russian “soul” can be an endearment like “sweetheart” or “darling.” So even if it’s not literal… still not something you say to your platonic BFF.
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via my mom

I’m deeply betrayed that she wouldn’t keep reading long enough to send me more quotes.

I was curious if Amazon Kindle carried this book, but  in the process I found out that David Unfred’s stab at the subject has a WAY better cover

“All flesh” included dinosaur flesh, meaning that by  this time even dinosaurs had been corrupted.


Paleontologists makes careers out of inventing species names, but there were really only about 60 different basic dinosaur kinds.

this just makes me think of that hogwarts spoof that goes “as we all know there are only four kinds of kids: brave, smart, evil, and miscellaneous.”

A rapid overview of some more highlights because I really need to stop reading this book before I hurt myself on it:

“These creatures went extinct, as far as is known.” why do I get the feeling this is leading somewhere AMAZING

discussion of which part of the holy trinity is responsible for which part of the dinosaur

“gotcha” statement about circular logic setting up the entire book’s premise starts with “Isn’t it true that…”  No.  No it isn’t.

series of frequently asked questions about how the dinosaurs could have been on the ark fails to ask any of the questions I have right now

FAQ includes discussion of Noah’s T-Rex-wrangling skills and the phrase “Noah could have fed the dinosaurs vegeterian diets” – worth it.

“Some dinosaurs laid eggs. Maybe they all did.” this is the kind of gripping material I look to an educational book to provide

a novel argument: plants can’t die because they don’t have nostrils

“dragons went extinct in China sometime after Marco Polo visited” I can’t believe I am actually reading this sentence in an actual book, what a great day

this chapter is titled “How to Examine Evidence” …i’m dying

fossils are apparently not as informative and unbiased as “reliable eyewitness accounts [of dinosaurs]” more on this revelation as it progresses

now we are pondering why nothing ever fossilizes anymore–a bold question that boldly bears no particular relationship to reality

“Whereas the Flood offers a reasonable scenario for large-dinosaur fossil tracks, secular scientists still need to explain them.“ I just texted my mom ‘provide an explanation for dinosaur tracks.’

Is a behemoth a hippo or a dinosaur? Discuss for at least 8 pages.

Is a leviathan a crocodile or a fire-breathing aquatic dinosaur? Discuss for 4 more pages.

Is a… wait. Are you just naming things you see and saying that they’re dinosaurs?

Observation 1: a lot of people killed by serpents. Observation 2: but rattlesnakes are easy to dodge. Conclusion: Dinosaurs.

Apparently, care must be taken not to confuse dinosaurs with angels.

“Belon knew how to draw a snake, showing that he could distinguish between flying and crawling reptiles.” good for Belon!

interesting argument for the death and resurrection of Jonas inside a fire-breathing sea wolf which was a type of dinosaur

“If armadillos have gone extinct in Turkey within human memory, then why not flying reptiles from other regions?” I just texted my mom ‘explain the armadillo extinction.’

The last chapter of this book is titled “Two Questions About Dinosaurs and the Bible” and frankly I have a *lot* more than two questions about this book.

(Starting with ‘oh my god why did I just sit and read the whole thing what is my life?’)


God, I needed that. :)
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scene: a bunch of cis historian men sitting around a coffee table, faces in their hands, ties loosened, exhausted from wracking their brains trying to figure out why the greeks would have a god with breasts and a penis. suddenly, a man bursts through the door, sweating and panting, shirt half-untucked from his pants

“you guys… i … hhff….i got it… its uh… it’s symbolic of heterosexual marriage”


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