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One can hope…

My heart fills with peace just looking at this picture.

imma tell y’all now how this ends…if for some reason these two run in 2020, they won’t be in the same ticket, they’ll run opposite each other in the primaries. You’ll then vilify michelle for supporting her husband’s policies or maybe making some high paying speeches as a private citizen or for setting up a foundation that does good work and you’re tired of dynasties, be mad that Bernie once again got rigged by DNC even tho he lost by every measure except Bernie math, then when she runs again the incumbent Trump, you’ll vote for the new Gary Johnson or Jill Stein coz you can’t in good conscience vote for someone who doesn’t share your beliefs 100%.

then we’ll have trump for another four years. maybe in 2024 you all will help elect Ann Coulter. 

Let’s leave aside the sheer lack of grasp of reality it takes to blithely say “let’s nominate Barack Obama’s wife next time” when this country two days ago elected a man who was endorsed by the KKK and who was caught on tape bragging about sexually assaulting women, and did so in large part because of sheer hatred of former first lady Hillary Clinton and backlash against Barack Obama.  Let’s leave that aside, and focus on the sick glorification cycle that has been creeping up in the more liberal side of the democratic party.  

You elected Barack Obama - cue cheering, joyful weeping, history made.  Then, apparently because you have no actual functioning knowledge of how politics works in a democratic society where there are three branches of government and some people disagree with you, you trashed him when he turned out not to be able to wave a magic wand and accomplish all of his goals at once simply by virtue of being elected.  You let an obstructionist Congress get in and left him with it for years instead of voting them out, and you trashed him for not somehow making sufficient Hope ‘n Change happen. 

You remember what you, the liberal wing of the party, did about 4, 5 years ago? You started fantasizing about a Hillary Clinton Presidency AU to the extent that actual tv shows were made imagining a world where Hillary, suddenly a perfect magical being compared to Weak Disappointment Barack Obama, mounted a primary challenge against him.  Of course when she actually ran for president, and people actually had to pay attention to her real record, they suddenly started portraying her as worthless corrupt trash because she wasn’t the flawless wetdream people had imagined her to be - despite the fact that 90% of the things she was criticized for (for example: voting for the Iraq War, having Wall Street connections, being Bill Clinton’s wife in the 90s) were already true in 2011-2012.  Because you didn’t care who she actually was or what she had actually done.  Your shiny symbol had been slightly tarnished, so you deemed it worthless and wanted to throw it out in favor of a different, shinier one.

So you know what I think is happening with the above graphic?  I think 99% of you people reblogging this don’t know shit about Michelle Obama, who has in fact consistently expressed the opposite of a desire to run for office, and you don’t care to know.  You’re not actually trying to pick a good candidate here, you’re not examining your newly elected legislators and governors for an actual up-and-comer, you’re not doing the real work to plan for the future.  You’ve just decided Michelle is your latest idealized perfect candidate who makes you feel liberal for supporting her.  Conveniently, she’s also someone you can put next to Bernie in a photo in order to mask the sheer misogyny that has been running underneath the liberal distaste for Hillary Clinton, a woman whose positions are to the left of Barack Obama’s, in fact to the left of virtually every president in history, and to the left of most of the democratic legislature.  So let’s be real here.  If Michelle ran for office you’d suddenly be shocked, shocked, by how she fell short of whatever outrageous standards you set up for her, and you’d probably also blame her for not divorcing her husband for failing to close down Guantanamo or whatever fucking thing suddenly becomes a convenient excuse to dismiss her.

You’re a political group who purports to support women and people of color, but in practice you have used them as temporary symbols of unimpeachable perfection, and you deem them to be failures as soon as you notice that they’re whole and complex people and functioning politicians.  You don’t care how politics work, you don’t know or care who Michelle is or what her actual candidacy would look like, deep down you just want symbols that make you look progressive for voting for them.  I know you’re not doing it on purpose, but that’s what you’re doing.

Delusional graphics wishing for a Michelle Obama presidency are not a substitute for the deep, deep soul-searching that this party, especially the allegedly liberal wing of this party, needs to do to figure out why it was such a struggle for it to prioritize the actual rights of women, poc, immigrants, lgbt, disabled and disadvantaged people over idealogical purism. 
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“And democracy requires compromise, even when you are 100 percent right. This is hard to explain sometimes. You can be completely right, and you still are going to have to engage folks who disagree with you. If you think that the only way forward is to be as uncompromising as possible, you will feel good about yourself, you will enjoy a certain moral purity, but you’re not going to get what you want. And if you don’t get what you want long enough, you will eventually think the whole system is rigged. And that will lead to more cynicism, and less participation, and a downward spiral of more injustice and more anger and more despair. And that’s never been the source of our progress. That’s how we cheat ourselves of progress.”

Obama’s full remarks at Howard University commencement ceremony - POLITICO (via apsies)

If you think that the only way forward is to be as uncompromising as possible, you will feel good about yourself, you will enjoy a certain moral purity, but you’re not going to get what you want. 

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Rant time

Oct. 10th, 2016 11:15 pm
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Almost everything matters!

I’m starting to get tired of this leftist habit of declaring things irrelevant.

On second thought, this deserves its own post.

I’m tired of leftists saying that any policy which doesn’t fix everything doesn’t matter.

“A female President will still bomb people!” “A stronger social safety net won’t stop corporate greed from consuming everything it can!” “Gay marriage won’t end transphobia!” “More black representation in movies won’t solve racism!”

No shit. Patching a hole in your bedroom wall won’t make your teeth whiter or cure your grandmother’s dementia. It’s still worth doing.

A female president might still bomb people, but if this potential female  president will bomb fewer people than that potential male president (who has indicated he’d happily use nuclear bombs), that means people will live who would otherwise die.

A stronger social safety net may not stop corporate greed from consuming everything it can, but it will effectively limit what corporate greed can consume, and help people whose livelihoods have been eaten.

Gay marriage might not end transphobia, but it will undermine hostility to gender nonconformity and assist many trans people in getting to marry or getting to stay married, by not making everything dependent on their legally-recognized gender.

More black representation in movies won’t solve racism, but it’ll give black people a better reflection of themselves and get white people used to seeing black people in places (the hero, the enjoyable antihero, the fan-favorite antagonist) they’re used to only seeing other white people, and that will affect how they’re equipped to see black people in real life.

Nothing will fix everything, but it’s still important to fix something.
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i had a dream about fucking… vampire discourse on tumblr like;

“reminder that blood sucker is a slur”

“vamp-born-vamps are valid if u got bitten later in life you’re not part of the vamp community” 

“support vamps who drink human blood, support vamps who drink animal blood, support vamps who drink animal and human blood”

“half bloods who are human presenting don’t belong in the community”

fantasy tumblr would be fucking insufferable

god can you even imagine

“If you only have two legs you’re human-passing and don’t belong in the fantasy community”

“What about satyrs?’

“You can wear shoes”

“Just a reminder that if you appropriate mermaid culture you’re a piece of shit”

“Actually we don’t mind because a lot of our culture comes from humans”

“Shapeshifters aren’t valid because they can be human if they want”

Oh my god it gets worse and worse

Listen Sweaty :) :) :) Bigfoots and Jersey Devils aren’t REAL mythfolk :) :) You r just confuused humans :)))

stop fetishizing incubi

stop fetishizing incubi

stop fetishizing incubi

stop fetishizing incubi

stop fetishizing incubi

stop fetishizing incubi


Why the FUCK did no one tag me in this

Werewolves are still werewolves no matter what form they’re in. We don’t stop being werewolves when we’re in human form, we don’t stop being werewolves when we’re in wolf form. Stop werewolf erasure!

Listen, I’ve been in a committed relationship with a selkie for over ten years.  I can tell you that whole hiding-the-pelt-thing is total bullshit.  If he wanted to leave he could, I am not holding him hostage.  Please, stop spreading this hurtful misinformation.

Support veelas who dance naked at the crossroads

Support veelas who seduce random townspeople

Support veelas who take shepherds as lovers


friendly reminder that “ghost” is a term reserved for noncorporeals. if you’re semicorporeal you’re a poltergeist. stop calling poltergeists ghosts.

destroy the idea that zombies “need” to eat brains

some zombies can’t eat brains due to physical conditions that make them too weak to gnaw through the skull

some zombies can’t digest them

some zombies just don’t like the taste

all of these zombies are STILL VALID


This post gets worse every time I see it



hydras with nine heads are just as valid as hydras with twenty

hydras with nine heads are just as valid as hydras with twenty

hydras with nine heads are just as valid as hydras with twenty

hydras with nine heads are just as valid as hydras with twenty

hydras with nine heads are just as valid as hydras with twenty

hydras with nine heads are just as valid as hydras with twenty



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