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well I’m still 2,550 words behind but! I have arrived at Partim Pielin’s “shit I might be gay” moment that he’s trying to work through with Viola, who is cantankerous and suspicious of his motivations but who is the only Out And Unembarrassed Gay aside from the man he’s in love with. It’s a fun conversation to write. They don’t understand each other, precisely, but they care about each other and they understand that.
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Still almost 2000 words behind where I should be, because today I wrote ~2400 words (somehow - I have no idea where they came from) but the last two days I’ve averaged under 1k. Good enough; I can catch up gradually, and I spent part of yesterday sorting all of the scenes I have written so far. I’m nowhere close to done, but I have the shape of the thing that I’m writing now; I can see a rhythm to connect all of the scenes I have written, and I have an idea of where they are spaced relative to each other (because I write the main chronology and then a lot of things that are out of order). Yay!
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I got behind last week, but caught up yesterday evening. I skipped a couple of scenes that were bogging me down, and I’ll figure them out later, but I’m at the Exciting Personal Growth part of the story for two characters*, so that’s good. I predict that I will need another 30-40k to finish the novel completely, and then it’ll be time to start typing it up and marking where I need to expand/edit/whatnot. But that’s for December.

*the slightly spoiled aristocrat and the teenage evangelical preacher, in case you were wondering


Nov. 6th, 2016 02:44 am
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Two chapter-like sections done and 8610 words in! And only the vaguest idea of what happens in the next two chapters, but after that it becomes clearer again; I’m gonna rely on the characters getting the hell out of cities for a bit to give different characters a chance to shine.
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I’m trying to psych myself up for NaNoWriMo this year, because this time last year was a disaster on all writing fronts. I have better jobs this time, and a better therapist, and I want to finally finish the novel for which I wrote two chapters as my senior thesis in 2014. I’ve only added about 10k since then, and I desperately need to finish so that I can move on and revise it and then … idk, probably just dump it on any friend who expresses an interest in reading it.


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