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via have one final shot to flip a Senate seat:



If you listen to nothing else, please listen to this. There will be a run-off Senate election on Dec 10th in Louisiana, and the Democrats have a shot at winning. If they could get that one seat, it would flip the Senate 51-49 in their favor, and keep the GOP from having complete control of Congress. This is HUGE. This is whether or not SCOTUS Judges get approved, whether or not Bills get passed. 

That thing going around about pressuring electors to name Clinton President over Trump is never going to happen. Ever. But this is a thing that actually could. If you know anybody who knows anybody who lives in Louisiana, pressure them to vote for Foster Campbell. Pay for their cab to the polls! Hell, donate to their campaign! This is not fear mongering or hyperbole when I say this last race is life or death for millions of people.

Democrats have one final shot to flip a Senate seat – but in order to pull off an upset, they need to quickly rally around the Louisiana candidate whose victory could be a bright spot in an otherwise dismal year. Public Service Commissioner – and jovial cattle farmer – Foster Campbell will face off against Republican State Treasurer John Kennedy, a twice-failed Senate candidate, in a Dec. 10 runoff.

On the surface, it might seem like a lost cause: A Democrat running a statewide campaign in Louisiana in the Year of Trump. On the contrary, though, Campbell has a legitimate shot to upset his opponent the same way Democratic Gov. John Bel Edwards did in 2015. Yes, Louisiana has a Democratic governor. He’s busy at the moment cleaning up the fiscal mess left by his predecessor, failed presidential candidate and Kenneth-the-Page avatar Bobby Jindal.

Edwards pulled off an upset in part because of Jindal’s failures, and in part because he ran against, a less-than-charismatic politician tainted by a bygone prostitution scandal. But Edwards prevailed not only as an anti-Jindal and anti-Vitter. As an Army veteran with family law enforcement ties and a calm demeanor, he was a strong candidate in his own right.

Campbell, too, is a good bet; he has a wicked sense of humor and speaks plainly. During a recent debate, he rebutted false allegations of ties to ex-KKK leader David Duke, saying, “I have nothing in common with David Duke other than we’re probably breathing.”

Democrats who feel frustrated, fearful, and angry following Donald J. Trump’s upset win, listen up: Go donate $5 to Campbell’s campaign. If you’re in Louisiana, vote for him on Dec. 10. If you know someone in Louisiana, spread the word. Help raise money and awareness for Campbell.

Electing Foster Campbell is the most immediate way to rebuke President-elect Trump. A Campbell victory would mean a 51-49 split in the Senate. This is the last best way to make a difference in 2016.

Campbell is a fighter. During his career, he’s fought for ethics reform, lower energy rates for rural consumers, and for victims of domestic violence. Guided by a love of family and a deep-seated faith, he fights for the little man – and woman.

He can win. Repeat that over and over until you take action. The national Republican apparatus is gearing up to defeat him, and you can make a difference.

Campbell is a man of the people; Kennedy is counting on the elite. This year alone, he was the beneficiary of $400,000 from a political action committee funded by one Chicago family.

Campbell doesn’t have a Chicago sugar daddy; he has gumption. Fight for Foster.

Reblogging from myself cuz it’s important
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I just stumbled into a prime example of a local action I could take that matters right this instant. This afternoon @thedeadparrot tweeted a link to an article about a Boston city councilor who yesterday expressed his desire to make Boston a “sanctuary city” immigrants, i.e. defy Trump & co. by barring local law enforcement from initiating or participating in deportation actions.

I googled the City Council’s phone number, called, and got put through to an aide right away. Here follows an illuminating conversation:

Me: Hi, my name is [Stulti]; I’m a resident of [neighborhood]. I just read in the Herald that Tito Jackson wants to make Boston a sanctuary for immigrants. I’m calling to express my support.
Aide, choking a little: Support??
Me: Yes, I want Boston to do everything possible to protect immigrants, documented or not.
Aide: You’re actually the first person to call in support of that.
Me: Really?Aide: It’s been a rough day.
Me: Oh, jeez. Well, I hope it improves. I feel very strongly about this issue.Aide: Thank you for calling.Me: Thank you. Hang in there. Bye.

Moral of the story: There are legislators out there right now, trying to get the damage control in motion. They’re being harangued by, at a guess, right-wing retirees with nothing better to do. Plug their numbers into your phones and even the score.

If no one on your city council has proposed such a measure, call to suggest it. I’ve been told phoning is best, but if telephones give you hives, send an email.

Ah dang, it didn’t occur to me that I could call in support of good things and that’s also really important. Otherwise they’ll only hear negative feedback about stuff like sanctuary cities and might decide they’re a bad idea. I’m gonna make some calls.
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carecen la // center for community change // immigration center for women and children  // american civil liberties union // esperanza immigrant rights project // national immigration law center // kids in need of defense 

other orgs you can help by volunteering/donating: campaign zero (anti police violence) // council on american-islamic relations (support for muslims) // showing up for racial justice (fighting racism)  // friends of the earth (an environmental group) // nextgen climate action (fighting climate change)  // rape, abuse, & incest national network (combating sexual violence) // planned parenthood (healthcare and education) 
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what do we do tho? like, honestly? what happens if he’s elected? what do we honest to god do?


The 2018 United States elections will be held (for the most part) on Tuesday, November 6, 2018. During this mid-term election year, all 435 seats in the United States House of Representatives and 33 of the 100 seats in the United States Senate will be contested. 38 state and territorial governorships and numerous other state and local elections will also be contested.

You all had better turn the FUCK out in 2018. Are you pissed about the results? Do you want more progressives in office? GOOD. HIT THE FUCKING GROUND. Don’t just turn up to vote, canvass and phone bank and do WHATEVER IT TAKES. If all you get from this election is a lesson then you better learn it.




Do NOT sit on your asses for four years. Midterms are a chance to flip the house and senate, and that fucking matters.

This is not going to be enough. You have to become intimately familiar with you who your state assemblymen and state senators are. You need to become familiar with your Congressperson and your two Senators. And you need to start calling their offices (like on the phone) and emailing and tweeting at them about what you want from them and how displeased with them you are as they start putting whatever the fuck his actual policy plans are into action.

Because as it stands right now, there is going to be no soul-searching from the Republican Party. Not with those numbers. They are going to view this as a mandate and sweeping changes will be made. Bad sweeping changes. 

You need to become involved and indicate to them that you are an engaged voter. They are not going to change for you. You have to meet them in the communication channels they have always employed.

And you might want to start donating to causes like Planned Parenthood and other groups. Because those are about to be gutted even more than they are.

Seriously. Give yourself a couple days to breathe and process and then get to fucking work. Look up everyone in your district, your county, your state. Get a good idea on their policies and what they will be voting for. PAY ATTENTION to what issues are coming up before local, state, and federal government. Be aware of what’s going on and then ACT. Start calling your representatives once a week to voice your position on what they need to vote on. Tweet and email them daily. They say something stupid on social media? Call them the fuck out for it AND THEN follow it up with a email/letter and a phonecall.This is on all of us guys. We have to work at this as hard as we work at anything else in our lives. This is our second/third/fourth job now because without the kind of consistent and constant pressure the rightest of right wingers have been applying to our government we will not be able to turn this tide.So take a breath. Then make a plan and act on that plan.
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I’ve had this prompt generator I put together for a while now, so I thought I’d share the link for anyone who needs an inspiration. There are:

3 150 au ideas

900 humoristic sentence/dialogue prompts

85 other sentence prompts

180 movie/show/book AUs, 179 setting AUs, 84 profession AUs

56 relationship and 217 theme ideas

You can shuffle each category independently or just refresh the whole page . The generator works just as good on the phone. 
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Adorable illustrations by  Caley Hicks, the self proclaimed “Designer of Cute!”
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How the Musical Identity is Missing in Marvel Films

Did I make this video or something??

This is fascinating!

It fucked with my mind to hear that the “Captain America Theme” from Captain America: Winter Solider, by Henry Jackman, sped up by 105% sounds very close to “Brothers in Arms” by Junkie XL for Mad Max: Fury Road. 

And “Mombassa” from Inception by Hanz Zimmer sounds a lot like “Mass vs. Acceleration” from “Drive Angry”  by Michael Wandmacher.

Marvel stopping just short of taking emotional risks? THE HELL YOU SAY. 

Other than the mixed tape in Guardians, which was popular music and not score, the only bit of sound I can even remember from any Marvel movie is the screechy sound played when the Winter Soldier showed up. I can’t even dredge up whatever’s played over the comic-pages-flipping opener in every movie and I’ve probably seen it a dozen times now. Is it even the same in every film? No idea.

holy shit somebody put it into words
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For CN’s Stop Bullying, I designed a month long course about self expression!

This is the week you get everything out of your system! Draw, or write, or sing, or dance your guts out. This is not about skill, just raw guts!

Suggestion- I like to put on music and draw furiously to try and get as many drawings done as possible before a song ends.

Try to draw so fast you can’t even think!

Another suggestion- write about your day & how you’re feeling, but when you’re done, keep going anyway, until you’re writing about something you didn’t even know you were thinking about.

If you’re mad, sad, scared, happy, whatever it is, express it and don’t worry if it’s not pretty or polished. Save the drawings/writing, or record your singing/dancing, keep it and don’t show anyone yet. This is just for you, for now.

Save this to come back to after week 4!

Hope you will do this with me! Week one starts NOW!
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Just in case anyone was ever possibly able to miss this, somehow:

The podcast is called Mabel. Listen! Tweet! Subscribe! Sell us your firstborn!

Boosting this. Clever, terrifying, has 100% off my interest after the first episode. Reminds me a little of Alice Isn’t Dead, but I like it a lot more. 

I’ll definitely continue listening
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i just want a period piece centered around black people that isn’t about being slaves/servants

where’s our steamy 60s drama?

where’s our 30s Harlem Renaissance coming of age flick?

where’s our Victorian steampunk sci-fi adventure?

where is it? where? tell me where?????

in film or books, cus in books there’s 

sula by toni morisson is a steamy psychological coming of age drama i’m pretty sure taking place in the 60′s or 50′s, about two black girls in a predominately black town in Ohio, whose lives go in different but parallel directions after sharing a childhood trauma. 

mumbo jumbo is harlem renaissance era post-modern comedy about hougan detective searching for a mysterious suppressed african text, and battling the forces of white supremacy in a conspiracy to undermine black culture going back thousands of years. 

yellow-back radio broke down is a western written like a radio-show about a black cowboy named the lupe garoo kid, and a clear influence on blazing saddles that would come years later.

perdido street station’s main character is a overweight black scientist, living in a Dickensian city of magical steam punk sci fi adventure and multiple sentient races, who is involved in a secret and illegal inter-species relationship with a beetle-headed artist, and on the verge of a breakthrough in unifying magic and science. 

and pym (retro sci-fi/parody/adventure) and zone one (zombie survival horror) are great genre stories, but both are in modern era. this is also excluding afro-futurist  stuff. 

in film there’s 

yeelen - set in ancient africa, about a young man with magic powers on a quest to find his evil sorcerer father. the first real fantasy film in african cinema. black writer, director, and cast. 

daughters of the dust- set in a isolated black community living off the american coast over three generations. the first feature film directed by a black women. black writer, director, and cast. 

harlem nights- harlem renaissance era crime comedy starring three generations of comedy genius. black writer, director, and cast. 

hoodlum- underrated gangster film about black gangsters in harlem. black director and cast

ganja and hess- black vampire art film set in the 70s. black writer, director, and cast. 

chameleon street-  based on a true story about black con man in the 80s who was able to successfully impersonate lawyers, doctors, and professors, spielberg’s “catch me if you can” is essentially white washed version of the same idea. black writer, director, and cast. 

the killer of sheep- neo-realist coming of age film about black lives in 70′s Watts, made originally as a student film thesis. black writer, director, and cast. 

belle is period peace from a black film-maker, but predominately white cast, while beasts of the southern wild, attack the block, the people under the stairs, def by temptation, vampire in brooklyn, and after earth are sci-fi/fantasy/horror films with predominately black casts but not period pieces. Medicine for Melancholy, An Oversimplification Of Her Beauty, and Top Five are conversation driven romantic comedies with black, casts, writers, and directors. 90′s era set coming of age in the wood, the brothers, love and basketball, and upcoming dope.  

i think nearly all other black films fall under Spike Lee, Tyler Perry, 70′s exploitation films, dance movies, 90′s hood films, civil rights & slavery films, musician biopics, African cinema, and pre-Hollywood Race Films, but I might have missed some that don’t fall into these. 

Sorry to over-respond. Happy hunting. 

much appreciated on the whole list! that was a lot of time and effort and it rocks

Thank you so much!!!

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Eighth Generation is what modern Native American design looks like without cultural appropriation 

Louie Gong describes his company, Eighth Generation, as “a Native-owned, community-engaged small business that began when I started putting cultural art on shoes.” It’s true, in 2008, Gong began decorating sneakers and skateboarding apparel with indigenous Nooksack patterns — a move that, as a Nooksack himself, set him apart from the non-Native designers who’d been doing so for years. As demand grew, so did Gong’s ambition.

Here you go, kids!

How to procure Native-American-and-First-Nation-themed items without entitlement or cultural appropriation in one easy step.


Because if they’re selling these representations of their culture and being fairly compensated, you’re not appropriating, you’re appreciating. And helping good folks make a living while you’re at it.

Everybody wins.

^^^this is the difference. participate in the parts of culture that people CONSENT to sharing!! it’s that simple, if you buy directly from the source, they are creating with the idea that people outside the culture will be consuming, and can pick and choose what they are okay with you having. 

the same idea as wearing traditional dress that someone of that culture gave you as a present vs. buying a knockoff version for “fashion”
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I haven’t watched many lately. I really liked Hush, about a deaf woman fighting off a serial killer, and The Invitation, which is an uncomfortable indie dinner party movie until things take a dark turn. But both of those have been out for a while and have gotten a lot of (totally earned) buzz and praise, so you may or may not have seen them already.


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