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whoweargoldintheirhair replied to your post: I have to bring in an object from my life to the…

Because it’s too silly or too personal? You can just make up some BS

Because it’s the sort of thing I’ll take too seriously and everyone else will be laughing about it as soon as our director leaves the room, and then I’ll feel like a dolt for putting any effort into trying to meet the mission objectives. I’ll be fine, there will be pizza there and I can bring my claddagh ring or a rock or something :P
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“Be strong, saith my heart; I am a soldier; I have seen worse sights than this.”

Homer, The Iliad  800 B.C.E.  (via zoeshorrorstory)

So this exact phrasing is from Donna Tartt, The Secret History:

and it’s actually a very loose translation - what Odysseus says to himself, in Book 11.404-410, is:

ὤ μοι ἐγὼ τί πάθω; μέγα μὲν κακὸν αἴ κε φέβωμαι
πληθὺν ταρβήσας: τὸ δὲ ῥίγιον αἴ κεν ἁλώω
μοῦνος: τοὺς δ᾽ ἄλλους Δαναοὺς ἐφόβησε Κρονίων.
ἀλλὰ τί ἤ μοι ταῦτα φίλος διελέξατο θυμός;
οἶδα γὰρ ὅττι κακοὶ μὲν ἀποίχονται πολέμοιο,
ὃς δέ κ᾽ ἀριστεύῃσι μάχῃ ἔνι τὸν δὲ μάλα χρεὼ
ἑστάμεναι κρατερῶς, ἤ τ᾽ ἔβλητ᾽ ἤ τ᾽ ἔβαλ᾽ ἄλλον.

or, in the Samuel Butler translation:

“Alas,” said he to himself in his dismay, “what will become of me? It is ill if I turn and fly before these odds, but it will be worse if I am left alone and taken prisoner, for the son of Saturn has struck the rest of the Danaans with panic. But why talk to myself in this way? Well do I know that though cowards quit the field, a hero, whether he wound or be wounded, must stand firm and hold his own.”

You can see what Tartt is pulling out - a soldier, “ὃς δέ κ᾽ ἀριστεύῃσι” (one who is heroic/excels) must be strong and hold firm - but I’m not sure where “saith my heart” comes from as Odysseus is addressing his heart, here (that’s the literal translation for “myself”) or “I have seen worse sights than this”

(via plinytheyounger)

Huh, interesting. If I only saw the quote by itself, I would’ve thought it was from Od. 20.18

τέτλαθι δή, κραδίη: καὶ κύντερον ἄλλο ποτ᾽ ἔτλης.

Then the soldier bit wouldn’t make any sense. Aaaaand neither would the speaking heart bit. Maybe Tartt mistakenly combined both of these? Yeah… I got nothing.

(via tedgar)

Tedgar that is brilliant! Thank you so much - I had the vague feeling it reminded me of something else, but I think that Odyssey quote has to be part of it (for my non-Greek-speaking-audience - “Be firm, my heart! For you have endured even worse things than this.”)

It might be a way of using the “I address my heart” motif backwards to use the “speaking heart”? As for “I am a soldier”, I have no idea - Homeric characters don’t tend to think of themselves as “soldiers” in the sense that’s implied here. I’m still really baffled as to why Tartt would take, really, a very loosely adapted line of the Odyssey and attribute it to Book 11 of the Iliad, with the same character?

(also, I mean, it’s not “seen worse sights” but “suffered more dog-like treatment”, to be exact - it’s not about battlefield stuff by this point but about the various monsters he’s met with)

Odysseus also gives a little it’s-been-worse speech to his men at Od. 12.208-212, but that’s even further off.

(via plinytheyounger)
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I LOVE THAT POEM! I’ve thought about showing it to my student, but I know that it would be more confusing than amusing at this point in his English-speaking career :P Your poor coworker hahaha
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whoweargoldintheirhair replied to your post:Look I know the rest of 2016 has been kind of a…

But… Holt is married??? And the power dynamic??? (I care about this show way too much considering that I don’t even watch it)

nO NO it wasn’t for real, that’d be uncomfortable, it was for Breaking Out Of Prison While Undercover purposes. They were in witness protection as (single) straight neighbors (lemme tell you, Holt is awful at being Average Joe Straight Man).

It’s the sort of shit that happens in fanfic, but better. I recommend this show if you can handle moderate amounts of vicarious embarrassment.
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whoweargoldintheirhair replied to your post: clean house clean house clean house

Please lend me some of your housecleaning motivation

My housecleaning motivation is primarily anxiety-based so I’m not sure how useful that would be to you :P Yesterday was a godawful frolick through the land of Constant Crippling Panic from 7am until I went to sleep; and Part Two of my particular all-day-panic-attack episodes* usually consists of hours of hyper-focused cleaning the next day. (I’m lucky that my first job is a lot more relaxed than my second in terms of taking time off; I swapped today out for an extra day tomorrow because if I’d had to go in to work today, I’d probably have just continued to be anxious and dead inside.)

TL;DR: No motivation to explain today’s activities, only brain quirks. Most of the time I break shit down on a checklist into very small increments (e.g. “put away clothing on chair”, “throw away all trash on the table”, “put the chicken in the fridge”) and then go checking it off. Then it’s something I can do in five-minute bursts in between, say, going from tumblr to reddit, without having to remember over and over again what I need to do and how I should do it.

*not actually all-day … more like a couple of random panic symptoms floating around at all times, with three full-on “I am going to die right the fuck now” panic spirals at intervals throughout the day.


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