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Now is the time for CONCRETE ACTION, American followers. Not reblogging, not sharing on facebook, but actual picking up a phone and doing a thing.

Stephen Bannon, Trump’s chief strategist-elect, I suppose we’d call him, is a white supremacist and an anti-Semite, anti-Muslim, jackass. This appointment is dangerous to a lot of people you claim to care very much about.

Look up your Senator here:

House of Reps:

And call them. Don’t email them, emails get ignored.

A sample script:

Hi, my name is ______________. As a constituent, I need my Senator/Representative to know I oppose Bannon’s appointment, and I am horrified such a man is even being considered. I hope that (legislator) does not stand for open racism as an appropriate attitude in a chief strategist, and that this doesn’t signal his/her approval of white supremacist ideology. I hope (legislator) is planning to formally oppose the appointment.

I mean, jazz it up if you want—I know my audience and so spoke about how Nazi ideology has no place in Montana, how we’re supposed to be a land of hard work and fair play, not somewhere that supports blaming others for our individual problems. I talked to my republican rep’s intern about how this is why so many people have a bad idea about republicans, and it’s so important to show we’re not like this, that Zinke truly believes in his Christian ideals that all men are equal (I am not even slightly a republican or Christian but also I have literally no issue lying about it to this dude). Know your audience.

Everything I said about being ready still goes, but don’t sit back and just let this happen, pick up the damn phone. If you want to send me an ask about why you can’t do this—skip it, I’m not interested. You’re the only one who has to live with you, you’re not answerable to me.

I have a lot of Asks to hit up (soon), and more than a few have wondered what they can do.

Here you go.

This is how to start, and a critical place to begin making your voice heard. Steve Bannon is no less than a terrifying appointment in such a critical position. He’s a blatant white supremacist and the embodiment of everything we have to fear resulting from this election. Call your representatives. KEEP CALLING THEM. Be respectful but firm, passionate but not rude. You want to be heard, not dismissed. Their jobs depend on their constituents, and the more voices they hear, the more attention they pay. Make them pay attention to you.

Things are dark but I believe we’ll get through it. It won’t happen just by hoping really hard though. It’s going to take vigilance and action. Let’s get on it.

Pick up the phone and do your part.

Seriously guys, forget the safety pins, forget just RTing links and shaking our heads, this is what WE CAN DO to really help.
A trickle of congressmen and senators are starting to publicly denounce T’s cabinet choices and it’s because actual real people are CALLING them and filling their message banks and calling again to BE HEARD. Their job is to represent YOU if they want to KEEP that job.
I called my congressman’s office. It was a bit scary, yeah, I’d never done this before either. But it was quick and I just kept thinking whomever picks up the phone, it’s THEIR JOB to hear you. Your voice COUNTS.
It can be as simple as ‘Hi, I’m a constituent calling because I wish *insert name here* to oppose the President-Elect’s choice of Bannon for Chief Strategist. Bigotry, sexism and racism have no place in our government. Thank you’.


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