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I ship Joan Watson and Amy Santiago and no one can stop me.

Amy following Joan around like a little gay puppy. Over-excitedly complimenting her outfits. Making soft meeping sounds of aroused distress whenever Joan deduces something. Begging Joan to mentor her, mentor her hard.

#hobbit and I agree#jake would be so into it#literally incapacitated with delight#sherlock would be encouraging#joan would be intrigued#amy would be ADORABLE#jake meanwhile would be trying to be sherlock’s new best friend#to sherlock’s infinite horror#of course joan would point out it’s strange that sherlock finds jake so irritating#given how much they have in common wrt lifestyle and hygiene habits#offending sherlock thoroughly#there is a DIFFERENCE watson#between being moderately eccentric and nontraditional in one’s methods#and being an immature slovenly MANCHILD#right and which one are you again?
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when b99 does The Thing

the best thing about this post is all the people saying that they wanna / have to start watching b99 now. like, yes! 👏🏽 watch this show! 👏🏽
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whoweargoldintheirhair replied to your post:Look I know the rest of 2016 has been kind of a…

But… Holt is married??? And the power dynamic??? (I care about this show way too much considering that I don’t even watch it)

nO NO it wasn’t for real, that’d be uncomfortable, it was for Breaking Out Of Prison While Undercover purposes. They were in witness protection as (single) straight neighbors (lemme tell you, Holt is awful at being Average Joe Straight Man).

It’s the sort of shit that happens in fanfic, but better. I recommend this show if you can handle moderate amounts of vicarious embarrassment.
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Look I know the rest of 2016 has been kind of a shitshow but it’s also given me Jake Peralta kissing Captain Holt and then getting distracted thinking about it afterwards so there’s that going for it.
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sometimes it still amazes me that despite gifsets of scenes getting so many notes on tumblr thanks to it being a genuinely funny, unproblematic show, not a lot of people actually watch brooklyn nine-nine?? listen y’all if you’re tired of tv shows being misogynistic, racist, homophobic, and all around problematic then i honestly don’t understand why you have not seen the light by watching b99 like this show has made my life so much better!! i have TWO beautiful, badass, multi layered latina detectives to look up to, who are treated with respect and admiration by their male co-workers!! i have actual cinnamon roll jake peralta who has never done Anything Wrong in his life, despite being the white male main character; he always treats his women partners as equals, and is disgusted when other male side characters say misogynistic things!! i have captain raymond holt, a black, gay police CAPTAIN who has worked his entire life to move past prejudice to get to where he is!! his sexuality is not used as the butt of ANY joke, but is simply just another part of his multi layered character, and he is shown to have a healthy relationship with his husband!! the most important relationship on this show?? the relationship between all of them, whether in duos/trios/or a whole squad, focusing on how despite how different they all are, they all love each other and have made a family out of such a group!! it also has no chill, talking about real police issues, how women have to stick together, and taking usual stereotypes and stomping all over them!! there’s no need to worry about characters being killed off for shock value or to cause manpain!! honestly there is absolutely nothing wrong with this show: it is genuinely funny, the characters are lovable, the relationships realistic and healthy, and it deserves  much  more recognition than it’s getting. 

tldr; watch brooklyn-nine nine. you will not regret it.

Even better, IMO: Jake DOES fuck up sometimes, he DOES do some crappy things, particularly in the first season, that he could get away with as a straight white cop, but he doesn’t - he learns what he’s doing wrong, and apologizes, and doesn’t do it again.
ALSO there’s the whole subplot where Charles has a creepy, uncomfortable crush on Rosa, and grows out of it, apologizes for being creepy, and they eventually become good friends later on. It was *really* refreshing because it felt like it was going to go the way of so many other TV shows where the stalkery man ends up with the object of his creeping, and he doesn’t! And he realizes that he needs to work on himself!
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get to know me: favorite fictional characters → captain raymond holt (brooklyn nine-nine)
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I miss this show.

the way he claps when he says HOT DAMN is what makes it.

Brooklyn Nine Nine is a gift and I’m SO MAD for not watching sooner.

BTW, season 4 premieres September 20.

the best thing about this is still the fact that the “hot damn” was improvised and thats why they cut away so fast because everyone breaks

Might be my favorite joke of the series


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