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[Redacted] replied to: Rage Donating 

too many places where money is just being sloshed around with no purpose. create a singular movement with a plan and action towards this and I’ll donate. everything else is essentially feeding the pigeons.

Good idea. Such a helpful suggestion!

You start.

Go ahead. Find the cause you want to give to that you think will do more than “feed pigeons” (good job calling every person in need a pigeon, makes them seem less human so you don’t have to worry when you don’t give). Give to it and publicize it. Come on, let’s see it. Cough up the goods so we can give too.

On the other hand you’re clearly of a morally superior nature and only give to the most pure and efficient of causes, so maybe there isn’t one that will satisfy you. Gosh, I suppose you’ll have to start one yourself. 

Seriously, we’re waiting. We’d love to support the single movement with a plan and action towards this, so saddle up and make it. Get everyone on board. Get it publicized. It’ll take some time, sure, but you sound like you know everything so I’m sure you can accomplish it. 

Meanwhile the pigeon-feeders will serve an immediate need with the money others choose to give them. It’s almost like they’re doing their best and you’re being a lazy, smug asshole about sitting there with your thumb up your ass helping exactly nobody. 

If you’re not going to give and you’re not going to help because you expect a solution to be brought to you on a silver platter so you can deign to bless it with your money, then I cordially invite you to

shut the fuck up and go fuck yourself. 


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