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Reposted from something I saw on Facebook

“I just called the House Oversight Committee (202-225-5074) to support the call for a bipartisan review of Trump’s financials and apparent conflicts of interest. It took me two minutes, and the woman on the phone said that they are absolutely tallying calls - the more they get, the more likely the Committee is to demand ALL of Trump’s financial information.

She said that there’s not much time left, as they are out of the office next week for Thanksgiving. And after that, they’re going to make a decision.

NOW is your chance to use what’s left of democracy to send a strong message and demand change. Please, do this ASAFP. If you get a “mailbox is full” message, call back in a minute or so - that seems to be the default when lines are busy.

That number again is (202-225-5074). Website here:

“Likes” feel nice in the short term. “Shares” get the word out. ACTUALLY CALLING ACTUALLY DOES SOMETHING.”

Yoooooo I’ve been getting their mailbox being full for a bit, so I called the Committee Chairman instead! The staffer I talked to said that they are also tallying calls and passing along messages at this time.

The Chairman of the House Oversight Committee is Jason Chaffetz, from Utah.

His DC office is (202) 225-7751. The staffer I talked to was very nice.

His Utah office is (801) 851-2500.

If you want to call other members, there’s a full list of them here:

This was my script:

“Hello, I’m calling about the House Oversight Committee, their mailbox is full so I figured I’d call Congressman Chaffetz since he’s the chairperson. I want to know whether the House Oversight Committee is planning to do a bipartisan review of Trump’s financials and conflicts of interests, because I’m concerned about his business ventures and debts to foreign nations affecting our foreign policy. Do you know what the House is planning to do about this?”
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