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me: with the way that things are coming full circle on the Hamilton mixtape, I feel like there is not enough attention paid to the fact that LMM has won a Tony, Grammy, Pulitzer, and host of other awards and become a multi-millionaire via writing an historical RPF bandom AU@ponyregrets: You are not wrong
Title: Hamilton: An American Musical
Fandom: Historical RPF
Pairings: Alexander Hamilton/Eliza Schuyler, Alexander Hamilton/Angelica Schuyler, King George III/The American Colonies, implied Hercules Mulligan/horses
Rating: E
Word count: 20,520
Summary: How does a bastard, orphan, son of a whore and a Scotsman, dropped in the middle of a forgotten sport in the Caribbean by providence impoverished, grow up to be a hero and a scholar?
Tags: AU - historical rap (free form), CABINET RAP BATTLES, idek I was on the beach and this just came to meme: Author’s Note: here’s a link to the facecast I put together :)@ponyregrets: I know Hamilton looks like me but he is NOT a Mary Sue!!

#like he literally did a facecast using his favorite rappers for the historical characters in the book he was reading #now said rappers have remixed his racebent fanfic
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Tbh because there’s no good reason not to.

All the blood status in the hp universe is a metaphor for racism but you know what’s boring? Metaphors for racism that only involve white people. Harry is often described as “dark” and like if James Potter’s family was desi and Lily Evans’s was white, that would enhance Harry’s feelings of otherness while growing up with the Dursleys because lbr Vernon was probs a flaming racist.

“Potter” could easily be an anglicized version of a south Asian last name like Potdar or Potluri, and you could make an argument for a pure blood family like the Potters engaging in and profiting from cultural exchange through the British colonization of India so there was an opportunity to establish generational wealth there.

Also on the night he died, James was making pretty-colored lights for Harry. That was October 31st. In 1981, Diwali, the Hindu Festival of Lights, started on October 27th. It lasts five days.


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