Sep. 22nd, 2016

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After receiving my flash of inspiration last night, I just couldn’t shake the glorious image of a part-pigeon-part-seal monster from my head. Then, while walking past my studio bookshelf, I realized that I’d started to sew a wee seal months ago and had never gotten past making the basic body shape/limbs, resulting in a perfect start for my tiny monster pal.

Some hours later, I have this weird little creature sitting before me in the flesh (well, in the fabric/stuffing/thread/etc.) and I am quite pleased with myself. Everyone, meet the Seageon. Seageon, meet everyone! 


i need 10
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The funniest part of that whole ad is that he’s already done full frontal, in 2003 in the truly terrible movie In The Cut.

In all honesty I don’t know how to react to Mark Ruffalo since his defense of casting a gay man as a trans woman in the movie Anything. He seems like a genuinely nice person who’s trying hard but epic failing, but it all makes me feel a little less inclined to roll with what he does since this is the first real publicly visible stuff he’s done since basically saying “I’m glad we’re talking about transgender casting but lol gonna cast a gay man anyway”.  
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• I become a paramedic.
• If I encounter patients who cannot be saved, just as they’re about to die, I’ll look them dead (haha) in the eyes and slap ‘em real hard.
• If ghosts are real, this will cause dozens of them to be personally upset with me. I mean, at the very least, they’ll want answers. I’ll be the most haunted person ever.
• This means I’ll have dozens of opportunities to record paranormal phenomenon.
• I’ll get my own show on the Travel Channel called GHOST SLAPPER, through which I’ll eventually get irrefutable scientific evidence that ghosts exist, making me the wealthiest and most respected paranormal researcher of all time.
• On my death bed, one of my interns will slap me real hard, to make sure I come back all pissed off and confused.
• I will be the first ghost to host a ghost hunting show (which is mega cool, come on, admit it).
• Eventually, the secret goes global, and everyone starts slapping their loved ones real hard as they die, because they believe it’s the best way for their spirit to remain here on Earth with them.
• After enough time, death slaps become commonplace. People have DNS (do not slap) instructions in their wills instead of or along with DNR (do not resuscitate) ones.
• HOWEVER, because everyone expects the death slaps, they no longer have the desired effect. Getting slapped is just a natural part of dying, now, but it accomplishes nothing.
• Like with all cultural junk, the origin eventually slips away, and the knowledge of WHY we slap the dying is esoteric at best.
• I, however, remember, and haunt hospitals for centuries, laughing because everybody’s gettin’ slapped.
• Thank you for your time.

What the fuck man

Excuse me, do you have a better idea?

All they said was they would change the world, they never said the change would actually benefit anyone.
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via Technology Unlocks Secrets of a Damaged Biblical Scroll:


Nearly half a century ago, archaeologists found a charred ancient scroll in the ark of a synagogue on the western shore of the Dead Sea.

The lump of carbonized parchment could not be opened or read. Its curators did nothing but conserve it, hoping that new technology might one day emerge to make the scroll legible.

Just such a technology has now been perfected by computer scientists at the University of Kentucky. Working with biblical scholars in Jerusalem, they have used a computer to unfurl a digital image of the scroll.

It turns out to hold a fragment identical to the Masoretic text of the Hebrew Bible and, at nearly 2,000 years old, is the earliest instance of the text.

The writing retrieved by the computer from the digital image of the unopened scroll is amazingly clear and legible, in contrast to the scroll’s blackened and beaten-up exterior. “Never in our wildest dreams did we think anything would come of it,” said Pnina Shor, the head of the Dead Sea Scrolls Project at the Israel Antiquities Authority.

Scholars say this remarkable new technique may make it possible to read other scrolls too brittle to be unrolled.
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horse people are weird

what does this mean

horses can see demons

@betterbemeta are you able to translate this? Is it true horses can see netherbeings?? Will we ever know the extent of their powers???

I think I have reblogged this before but I’ll answer it again bc its a fascinating answer I feel and i was more funny than informational last time.

The truth is that horses see what they think are nether beings, I guess. They have a perfect storm of sensory perception that, useful for prey beings, marks false positives on mortal danger all the time. Which is advantageous to a flight-based prey species: running from danger when you’re super fast is much ‘cheaper’ than fighting, so you waste almost nothing from running from a threat that’s not there. Versus, you blow everything if you don’t see a threat that is there.

Horses also have their eyes positioned on the sides of their heads, which gives them an incredible range of peripheral vision almost around their entire body with only a few blind spots you can sneak up on them in. But this comes at the cost of binocular vision; they can only judge distance for things straight ahead of them. Super useful for preventing predators sneaking up from the sides or behind, but useless for recognizing familiar shapes with the precision we can.

Basically we now have a walking couch with anxiety its going to get attacked at any second, that can see almost everything, but mostly only out of the corner of its eye. It has a few blind spots and anything that suddenly appears out of them is terrifying to it. Combine that with that it actually has far superior low-light vision than us, and that its ears can swivel in any directions like radar dishes, and you’ve basically given a nervous wreck a highly accurate but imprecise danger-dar.

To be concise: all horses, even the most chill horses, on some level believe they are living in a survival horror.

This means that you could approach it in a flapping poncho and if it can’t recognize your shape as human, they mistake you for SATAN… or you could pass this one broken down tractor you’ve passed 100 times on a trail ride, but today is the day it will ATTACK… or your horse could feel a horsefly bite from its blind spot and MAMA, I’VE BEEN HIT!!!… or you could both approach a fallen log in the woods but in the low light your horse is going to see the tree rings as THE EYE OF MORDOR.

However, they actually have kind of a cool compensation for this– they are social animals, and instinctively look towards leadership. In the wild or out at pasture, this is their most willful, pushy, decisive leader horse who decides where to go and where it’s safe. But humans often take this role both as riders and on the ground. They are always watching and feeling for human reactions to things. This is why moving in a calm, decisive way and always giving clear commands is key to working with this kind of animal. Confusing commands, screaming, panic, visible distress, and chaos will signal to a horse that you, brave leader are freaked out… so it should freak out too!

On one hand, you’ll get horses that will decide that they are the leader and you are not, so getting them to listen to you can be tough– requiring patience and skill more than force. On the other hand, a good enough rider and a well-trained horse (or a horse with specialized training) can venture into dangerous situations, loud and scary environments, etc. calmly and confidently.

The joke in OP though is that many horses that are bred to be very fast, like thoroughbreds, are also bred and encouraged to be high-energy and highstrung. Making them more anxious and prone to seeing those ‘demons.’ All horses in a sense are going to be your anxious friend, but racehorses and polo ponies and other sport horses can sometimes be your anxious friend that thinks they live in Silent Hill.

Reblogging some horse knowledge for certain people who write fantasy books but know nothing about horses *cough cough*

highlights:“Basically we now have a walking couch with anxiety its going to get attacked at any second.”

“All horses in a sense are going to be your anxious friend, but racehorses and polo ponies and other sport horses can sometimes be your anxious friend that thinks they live in Silent Hill.”


I laughed all the way through this, because yes.

My horse is afraid of white things, possibly because he got beat up by an ornery grey pony when he was young.  Red car, fine.  Black car, fine.  Silver car, fine.  White car?

Also that giant rock at my old riding barn that one of the school horses, Logan, spooked at every single trail ride for the entire four or five years I was there.
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Ok so, you are going to some party as a spooky skeleton, but you have the good idea to dress up as something tha’s not only a skeleton, but a national symblol in another country.

The Catrina or calavera. (Mexico)

So you migth say, well its a costume what’s wrong with it. And i’ll tell you what’s wrong with it.  IT’S NOT A COSTUME. It’s not even spooky in this country, because it’s not used as a halloween prop,even most mexican people dont actually celebrate halloween since it’s close to a very important celebration of our own.

Dia de los inocentes y Dia de los muertos (November 1st and 2nd)

Let’s learn a little of that awsome “costume” you got there. 

Ok, who’s the Catrina?

The Catrina (or calavera) it’s a cartoon that was born in 1910 by famous Mexican printmaker, cartoon illustrator and lithographer Jose Guadalupe Posada.

The image depicts a female skeleton dressed only in a hat befitting the upper class outfit of a European of her time,  She is offered as a satirical portrait of those Mexican natives who, Posada felt, were aspiring to adopt European aristocratic traditions in the pre-revolutionary era.

It was Diego Rivera who show her for the first time  full dressed in his mural Sueño de una Tarde Dominical en la Alameda Central, side by side with her creator, Posada. 

It was also Rivera who gave her the name of “CATRINA” and was later popularized among mexicans. 

Why is it so important to Mexicans?

It’s one of our symbols in some of our celebrations, such as november 20th in the Revolucion Mexicana (Mexican Revolution) where the catrina is shown in tipical Mexican dresses, with a carrillera. 

We use her and her partner, the Catrin, to help us celebrate Dia de los muertos, also known as Dia de todos los santos (Or Dia de los inocentes in wich we remember all the little kids who died) in november 1st, and Dia de los Muertos in november 2nd. 

The Catrina and the Catrin are dressed, some in titpical clothes and some in clothes of the love one who is no longer here. Its also common to make a family of calaveras to decorate. 

What does calaveritas and catrinas mean in Dia de los muertos?

In Dia de los Muertos, mexican families put up an altar to honor and remember our loved ones who died. Wich is used to (supossedly) bring their souls back to us so they can have a nice party. In wich we use their favourite food and drinks to decorate it, so the spirits can eat something in the time they’re here. Tipical food is also used in the altar, such as Arroz, mole, tequila, and some seasonal fruit as oranges, tangerines, sugar canes and jicamas.

Dia de los muertos is also celebrated in cementeries and graves. 

And then thre’s the Calaveritas. Calaveritas are commonly made of sugar, and decorated with eatible glitter. And they have the name of our dead relative in their foreheads.  - Fun fact: The calaveritas are not a mexican, theyre spanish. Spanish people were the ones that introduced this tradition to our country, since our dia de los muertos was almost the same day as spanish celebration, Dia de todos los fieles -. 

Catrinas and Catrines are used to help us mock and make fun of death in a respectful way, we take all the sad and creepy meaning of dying and turn it into a big party. 

So now you ask, then when is it okay to dress as a catrina, or catrin or calavera? 

And i say, it’s okay to do it only if you do these  simple things. 

1.- Dont use it to “scare” people, Catrinas are not scary, Catrins are pretty and flirty, they have flowers in their huge hats, and a big smile in their face. 

2.- Please be respectful, a lot of people don’t care to investigate the meaning of our catrinas and catrines, they do not know these guys are not costumes to be used in “spooky” celebrations, but to honour our dead people. 

3.- Dont call it a costume. 

4.- It’s ok to do it even if you dont have mexican roots or traditions, only if you know what it means. 

5.- If you think its pretty and dont make fun of it. 

Please don’t be a poop about our traditions, Also please don go dressed as a ranchero. Mexicans dont ride by donkyes anymore. 


Dia de los Muertos has been my favorite holiday for years. Recently when I was excited about a community celebration, and told my friends about it, they instantly were only talking about dressing up as skeletons. I was…very uncomfortable.
Please recognize what these skellys mean, my friends.
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“My name is Ozymandias, King of Kings;
Look on my Works, ye Mighty, and despair!”
Nothing beside remains. Round the decay
Of that colossal Wreck, boundless and bare
The lone and level sands stretch far away


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