Oct. 4th, 2016

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Just Like Me! Box

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✨ A monthly subscription box with 2-3 children’s books featuring characters of color plus reading tools & accessories! ✨


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This is amazing
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Viola Davis cried to a wooden dummy
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a bro: actually I'm a devil's advocate
satan: *appears from hell* you're not even a lawyer, chad
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i really wish the small town midwestern scene wasn’t so inherently conservative-slash-racist-slash-generally-depressing because I feel a lot of affection for its Weirdness From Mundanity That is Both Comforting and Unsettling

Shitty fish frys during lent sponsored by the OUR LADY OF PERPETUAL SORROWS PARISH that even non-catholics go to; no one has a problem with it, but no one seems to know why or how they show up either. That single restaurant in town that isn’t a chain and you see at least six people you know there every time you go; the owner knows your parents and your parents parents and sometimes you wish they didnt. the 8 million churches, like, surely there’s not enough people even living here to keep all these open? that one sorta-creepy office-looking building that there’s always threeish cars at, but you’ve never quite figured out what it’s for. The Character who Everyone has seen jogging down main street in a bright neon track suit doing a bizzare aerobics routine no one can figure out (it’s funny until your mom tells you what she heard about them at the PTA meeting one time, which is invariaby something terribly sad and Everyone knows). The subdivisions built in the early aughts on the edge of town that are slightly nicer than the houses in town, but all look the same, and every street has a pretentious-fancy stone wall with the name of the street on it, and they’re all something crazy generic like “Crestwood Hills” or “Stone Ridge Court”; the person you hated in eighth grade lived in one of these, and somehow you know that they will again someday. the taco bell off the interstate that is, somehow, shitter than the average taco bell, but all the high school kids get high and go there after dances and over the years their energy has imbued with with some kind of trashy youthful magic. that eerie feeling when you’re at a crossroads out of the way at night and you stop at the red light for what feels like a really long time, but there’s no other cars in sight, and you have to take a moment to acknowledge that you’re following society’s rules Just Because rather than for any practical reason here and you could TOTALLY just run this red light without any consequences and and and then it turns green and it’s a huge relief

ok i am expanding upon this

deer like it’s the 11th plague, all their round milky eyes reflecting your car headlights. they look like they know things.

The empty, dilapidated building across from the CVS with “FOR RENT CALL” painted on the windows in big neon yellow bubble letters, but it’s sat there for so long the paint is chipping and the number is no longer readable. You think it used to be a bike store? But your neighbor swears up and down it was a flower shop, the CVS cashier seems convinced it was a CASH FOR GOLD place, and the guy smoking outside the CVS says it was a Radio Shack.

#Steak n Shake at midnight is a liminal space (via @goingforpoetic)

There is a Community Event. Is it a carnival? a parish festival? a fundraiser? a potluck? You don’t know. All you register is the gravel parking lot it is held in, dissolving into weeds on the edges. There is gross beer in those little semi-transparent plastic cups, and picnic tables older than you are. You dimly register children playing and screaming in the background. Women named Linda and Terri and Barb are talking at great length about their only-slightly-different potato salad recipes. There is an underlying tension to the conversation.

abandoned blockbusters like staunch reminders of mortality standing sentinel over their empty strip mall parking lots.

parking lots in general. Running errands is like being adrift in an ocean of cracked asphalt and faded yellow lines. And yet, somehow, the scrubby woods beyond always feel like they’re encroaching.


The antique store on main street that has been there, with the exact same window display, probably involving a wooden chair or two, for as long as you can remember. You have never seen anyone go in or out, but it somehow stays open for business day after dusty day.

Somewhere in town, a building that was once very obviously a specific fast food place has been repurposed for another use. It is uncomfortable to look at or be inside of, although you can’t really articulate why.

There isn’t a good season. Winter is a frozen, rock-salt covered void, summer is an oppressive and mosquito-ridden cricket concert, spring is Yellow Pollen Hell. Fall would be alright except that every able-bodied citizen is mandated to spend Sept 15-Nov 15 raking fallen leaves into bigger and bigger piles. where do they all come from? Every year someone says that it’s illegal to burn them, and every year everyone does anyway, the smoke so thick and grey it feels like burning an offering to some absent god.

There is That One Family with a million trillion aunts and uncles and cousins all in town, who all clearly look related and have the same last name. You went to grade school with at least four of them. They’re all perfectly nice, there’s just so many. Almost too many.

Grandparents who think (Denny’s/ Olive Garden/ Applebee’s) is the height of sophistication and can not, will not, be convinced otherwise.

There is much fanfare surrounding “homecoming” events at the high school. You know it’s just a phrase that doesn’t really mean anything beyond an excuse for football, but there is still something unsettling about the concept: who (or what) is coming home? How did they manage to leave this town in the first place? Why does the celebration of it feel so oddly ritualistic?

@darkersolstice idk I just assume you like (area) Gothic posts

I do, and you have no idea…
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sometimes it still amazes me that despite gifsets of scenes getting so many notes on tumblr thanks to it being a genuinely funny, unproblematic show, not a lot of people actually watch brooklyn nine-nine?? listen y’all if you’re tired of tv shows being misogynistic, racist, homophobic, and all around problematic then i honestly don’t understand why you have not seen the light by watching b99 like this show has made my life so much better!! i have TWO beautiful, badass, multi layered latina detectives to look up to, who are treated with respect and admiration by their male co-workers!! i have actual cinnamon roll jake peralta who has never done Anything Wrong in his life, despite being the white male main character; he always treats his women partners as equals, and is disgusted when other male side characters say misogynistic things!! i have captain raymond holt, a black, gay police CAPTAIN who has worked his entire life to move past prejudice to get to where he is!! his sexuality is not used as the butt of ANY joke, but is simply just another part of his multi layered character, and he is shown to have a healthy relationship with his husband!! the most important relationship on this show?? the relationship between all of them, whether in duos/trios/or a whole squad, focusing on how despite how different they all are, they all love each other and have made a family out of such a group!! it also has no chill, talking about real police issues, how women have to stick together, and taking usual stereotypes and stomping all over them!! there’s no need to worry about characters being killed off for shock value or to cause manpain!! honestly there is absolutely nothing wrong with this show: it is genuinely funny, the characters are lovable, the relationships realistic and healthy, and it deserves  much  more recognition than it’s getting. 

tldr; watch brooklyn-nine nine. you will not regret it.

Even better, IMO: Jake DOES fuck up sometimes, he DOES do some crappy things, particularly in the first season, that he could get away with as a straight white cop, but he doesn’t - he learns what he’s doing wrong, and apologizes, and doesn’t do it again.
ALSO there’s the whole subplot where Charles has a creepy, uncomfortable crush on Rosa, and grows out of it, apologizes for being creepy, and they eventually become good friends later on. It was *really* refreshing because it felt like it was going to go the way of so many other TV shows where the stalkery man ends up with the object of his creeping, and he doesn’t! And he realizes that he needs to work on himself!
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Like tbqh most of the discourse on this hellsite sounds like this to me:

1) This character stole some bread, they are the literal worst and if you like them you are personally endorsing stealing and are the literal worst.

2) This character stole some bread from my favourite character and DOES NOT DESERVE TO BE REDEEMED

3) This person drew art of this character stealing a loaf of bread and is romanticizing the act of stealing and is making fandom toxic.

4) This person wrote Problematic TM fic in which this character steals MORE LOAVES OF BREAD AND ISNT PUNISHED FOR IT how dare they.

5) I’m trying to make fandom a non toxic space for all of us so here’s a list of all the bloggers and artists who have created art which did not directly punish this character for stealing bread and on occasion have drawn them going on to steal more bread. Please don’t harass them =uwu=

6) How dare you even think of writing a redemption story for this character who once stole bread.

PSA: known bread theft supporter tumblr user 24601 is now posting under the name medeleine. Their old blog has been deleted. Message me for receipts.

Anyone who sees fic/art of fictional characters stealing bread will start stealing bread too.

If you post fic/art of characters stealing bread, you’re directly responsible for all bread-stealing that ever happened.

Even if Aladdin is a canon bread thief, do NOT make fic/art of Aladdin stealing bread!


* You’re allowed to make fic/art of fictional characters stealing bread IF someone once stole a bread from you AND you make a public post telling everyone the size of your loaf. BREAD ROLLS DON’T COUNT, IT MUST BE A WHOLE LOAF OR YOU’RE JUST FAKING.
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#instant boner #this is the moment when hardison said #THIS DUDE IS FINE #I’M KEEPING HIM (via earthquakedream)


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