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This image is way funnier considering that this is Egypt and this snow was the first snow they got in 112 years.

this man has waited 112 years to SLAM DUNK that snowball on this man’s head
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Okay so this tweet is a bit of satire to point out the absurdity of the #BlueLivesMatter narrative that blindly elevates police to hero status (see this post).

But I just had to comment on this particular tweet. So once upon a time, I was dating a girl who was a social worker. Like, she was the real deal. She even had a masters degree in social work. Anyway, one day she called me and said her car had broke down and she didn’t have Triple A, and asked if I could come get her. So I took the rest of the day off work and went to get her. We got her car towed to a repair shop and they said it would take a day to fix it, but she was really upset that she was going to miss some appointments with clients.

Long story short, I drove her to the rest of her appointments, and OH MY GOD. I’m a fairly big guy, and growing up I’ve lived in some pretty rough neighborhoods, but even EYE was afraid to go into some of the places where she had appointments. Incredibly impoverished black and white neighborhoods. I remember being sO impressed with her that day. At the end of the day, I asked her if this was a normal day for her, and she looked surprised (and a little annoyed) and said, “Yes. My clients are some of the nicest most honest people I’ve met in my life,” and she said other than a couple of times, she’s never worried for her safety. And she had been doing that job straight out of college.

And she did this every day, WITHOUT guns like our “brave” police.

So yeah, there’s definitely a lot of other professions that are far, far more important than the police, and these people manage to do their jobs without “accidentally” murdering the people they’re supposed to be helping.

Unmitigated racism and cowardice (around completely unarmed black people) plagues American police forces.


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