12:10 am

I don’t think I can keep up tutoring, and the

12:10 am


12:50 pm

leupagus: islandbetweenrivers: cactusspatz: inqorporeal: chim...

12:50 pm

artagainstsociety: Adorable illustrations by  Caley

09:35 pm

lustik: Tokyo Storefronts Series by Mateusz Urbanowicz....

09:35 pm

hotparade: Michael Eastman - Badlands

09:35 pm

i never realized how much i needed a paranormal leverage au!

09:35 pm

januariat: beewilde: okay but imagine bees with tiny flower crowns the tiniest flowers i could...

09:36 pm

ixnay-on-the-oddk: doodleniks: I LAUGH LITERALLY EVERY TIME I...

02:55 am

memorian: Ghostbusters Halloween Appreciation Post

03:05 am

watchthelightfade: the-real-seebs: sit-down-skeleton: in all my life, I have never encountered...

03:18 pm

Could it be the reason I’ve been on a weird

06:00 pm

NaNoWriMo my good fellow

11:15 pm

I’m writing about the collapse of the multiverse

03:05 am


01:54 pm

owl-librarian: breelandwalker: dragonessofthelights: sosuperaw...

01:54 pm

Me (as a child): why are all the songs about love?

01:54 pm

"And democracy requires compromise, even when you are 100 percent right. This is hard to explain..."

01:54 pm

jcmeskirk: who else is terrified about finding out whether or not your rights and safety are going..

09:19 pm

copperbadge: 39thyear: shelomit-bat-dvorah: wordsaredelicious: shelomit-bat-dvorah: witchpieceof...

09:19 pm

lori-rocks: Autumn Alley, Germany …..by Michael

09:29 pm

sourcedumal: durnesque-esque: herehalftheworldismellow: Quick...

10:49 pm

emiett: Based off an ask

02:35 pm

I reread part of what I wrote my senior year to remind myself of a detail and came across some...

04:05 pm

you: yo

04:05 pm

thesnadger: audrocur: wow millennials are glued to their...

04:06 pm

buddhabrot: end0skeletal: Hummingbirds: Nests, Eggs, and...

04:06 pm


04:06 pm

kissing-monsters: despairportal: The Great British Bake Off -...

04:06 pm

colormayfade: I’ve had this prompt generator I

04:24 pm

itscolossal: WATCH: A Giant Pair of Pneumatic

01:24 am

shayvaalski: thefederalistfreestyle: me: with the way that things are coming full circle on the...

01:24 am

ao3tagoftheday: The AO3 Tag of the Day is: Bon

01:34 am

minuiko: Master and student

02:00 am

It’s gotten to the point where the war between

02:09 am

shayvaalski replied to your post: It’s gotten to

01:24 pm

hannahblumenreich: aunt may does right by her

01:39 pm

elodieunderglass: nubbsgalore: “penguin was just

01:49 pm

iguanamouth: iguanamouth: iguanamouth: iguanamouth: hey uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh...

01:49 pm

tousledbirdmadgrrrl: Corsican vendetta knife with floral...

08:09 pm

pkmndaisuki: fruitcrocs: jonnywanser: baconfish: Meanwhile,...

08:09 pm

nastyratched: whitehouse: “That’s

10:24 pm

demareth: kitsurou: kitsurou: my brother just called me

01:09 am

edgaristhefox: furbearingbrick: trebled-negrita-princess: blac...

02:34 am

remember remember the fifth of november

02:44 am


02:30 pm

somehow-you-will: gaymilesedgeworth: gaymilesedgeworth: sometimes i think about the fact that...

02:35 pm

youffievalentine: parallels + LOTR, the return of the King /...

02:35 pm

copperbadge: digitaldiscipline: copperbadge: If I had picked a post of mine from 2016 to go viral...

02:45 pm

saya-aensland: scarymaryanne: thatll-do: thatsthat24: The...

02:45 pm

andreii-tarkovsky: 13th (2016) Dir. Ava DuVernay

07:03 pm

lohrien: Illustrations by ThreeLeaves

09:40 pm

halorvic: A Chill bee

01:00 am

rowle: eruriholic: beefmilk2: pansoph: for chinese new year they get all these famous actors and...

01:15 pm


01:15 pm

judeoceltische: madamebadger: rundesdemona: beaufortcullen: kynthaworld: dragoneyes: dawnthefai...

04:40 pm


04:40 pm

wariowareinc: carudamon119:

08:25 pm

prayawaythestraight: me before knowing i was gay: -

12:25 pm

sherpawhale: CNN about to drop the hottest au fic of 2016

12:30 pm

kvitoya: the most obnoxious part of the holiday season

12:16 am

Let America Be America Again by Langston Hughes

03:00 am

kangals: me: im not gonna even watch the election results im just gonna relax and play some video...

05:15 am

"In Life’s name, and for Life’s sake,

06:54 am

"Be strong, saith my heart; I am a soldier; I have seen worse sights than this."

06:54 am


01:49 pm


01:49 pm

v1als: severus-snape-is-a-butt-trumpet: what do we do

01:49 pm

importantbirds: we sits Indoor

02:15 pm

marquessbrie: breelandwalker: gabrielthemoose: fox-teeth: Ost...

02:55 pm

carpaydiem: jackthevulture: I’m gonna outlive

03:34 pm

0tterp0p: tehnakki: grammarsaveslives: shadesofmauve: fiireforaheart: i-gotta-go-good-day-pussc...

04:14 pm

FYI I’m going to tag everything relating to this

04:14 pm

Man I'm scared, can you say something reassuring? I think Tumblr's overexaggerations are making me f

06:54 pm

"I wish it need not happened in my time,” said

01:44 am


02:09 am

strix-alba: I have a hard time putting names to some

02:09 am

I have a hard time putting names to some emotions. I

03:29 am

herestoyoumsholly: sarahexplosions: hoenn: Ms. Marvel #5, by...

02:04 pm

copperbadge: Macbeth and Saruman better watch the fuck out.

02:04 pm

importantbirds: knock knock WHOM IS THER its birb welcomb...

02:04 pm

How many translations of your young wizards books do you have? Some of the people on Slack were disc

02:09 pm

colinfirth: carecen la // center for community

10:39 pm

electrictattoos: James Cumberland

10:39 pm

thewinterdaredevil: digit-like-a-bigot-spigot: klaineandbiscuit...

10:39 pm


11:10 pm

sophiaslittleblog: chrissongzzz: I AM SCREAMING!...

11:24 pm


12:24 am

I've been going through your dragon posts and other fanart to compile "Care-package" emails to peopl

01:59 am

lizdexia: When Obama won, the right threatened violence and uprisings. They spewed vitriol and...

03:29 am


12:49 am

theeforvendetta: naturalistalife: Rainbow of curls Have...

12:49 am

jonnboyega: I made a compilation of my favorite vines cause...

12:54 am

mslorelei: buzzfeedreader: The story of Jordan Blisk, as...

04:07 am

kryptaria: airyairyquitecontrary: bakafox: legobattlefield: b...

04:07 am

omicronus1326: thefingerfuckingfemalefury: ayellowbirds: fucky...

04:17 am

tymorrowland: he’s so stupid I love him

04:47 am

Trans Law Help is a Scam


04:57 am

Went to a Victorian-themed gender-free contra dance with M. Danced with a lot of well-dressed old...

10:52 pm

malekbrosinc: profeminist: profeminist: Source IF YOU CAN...

11:02 pm

hajandrade: Duong Quoc Dinh

11:02 pm

checkersandbalances: sandalwoodandsunlight: melanieholiday: ju...

02:17 am

youngbadmanbrown: brunetteclaire: youngbadmanbrown: youngbadmanbrown: I wish every white person...

02:22 pm

vinegod: “Do you know that Jesus loves

02:22 pm

lladystoneheart: transperceneige: More and more and more...

08:52 pm

Trying to write while also trying to fight the ennui in my brain is not a good combination. I have a

12:27 am

etherealvistas: Somewhere in the Middle (Japan)

01:27 am

herpowerisherown: chlostars: listen

02:57 am

Short and sweet

01:30 pm

wildsongbird: Grimoire, an amazing clothing and antique shop in...

10:50 pm

When Indigenous Fashion Hits the Runway, Details Matter

12:10 am

generation-something: charlesoberonn: This image is way...

12:50 am

gaymilesedgeworth: gaymilesedgeworth: good things: the

12:50 am

I have to bring in an object from my life to the staff meeting tomorrow and interpret it as though..

01:31 am

whoweargoldintheirhair replied to your post: I have to bring in an object from...

03:40 am

whoweargoldintheirhair: dubiousculturalartifact: jumpingjacktra...

04:45 am

nanowrimo: 25k!

02:00 pm

ithelpstodream: I needed these and I figured you do, too.

02:00 pm

prokopetz: Little-known downsides of immortality: Tearing your favourite article of clothing and...

02:00 pm

swagamemn0n: no offense but i need everyone to stop

02:10 pm

zoewashburne: emilyisobsessed: Who has the better...

02:10 pm

brujacore: “Against all authority…

02:10 am

Call Your Dang Reps

02:15 am

thereturnofwomen: Celebrating Butch: A Powerful Photo...

02:20 am

fibrearts: Wendy Blanket 

02:20 am

theaterdagger: aurellharmonics: lamisdelabc: RED, THE BLOOD OF ANGRY MEN TEA, A DRINK WITH JAM...

02:20 am

1010ll: by ___calming http://ift.tt/1Riv5ao

02:25 am


03:25 am

i arrive at hogwarts

05:41 am

miggylol: wtfml: bisexualscotty: professorpemzini: queerpirat...

01:55 pm

sarah-oconnell: Spent some time today revisiting this series...

02:01 pm

yourphysicsiskarkatrocious: personal-insane-asylum: iamtonysexual: sturmtruppen: sturmtruppen: i...

02:15 pm

why do people want the old man to fuck the triangle why do people want the child to fuck the triangl

02:15 pm

copperbadge: [Redacted] replied to: Rage Donating 

11:46 pm

twiggymcbones: Golden Trio all grown up! Just a little workday...

11:46 pm

eclipse-strider: tiffanarchy: walkingoutintherain: jmindigo: ...

11:50 pm

fireflyca: flipocrite: robert-youheartbreaker: lookatthesefreakinghipsters: Green Day posted...

12:10 am

Democrats have one final shot to flip a Senate seat

12:40 am

no-literally: sleepyspacetapir: queencoles: elionking: real-l...

12:45 am

things I'm proud of doing today

01:31 am

plzzno: honestly, same.

03:45 am

greek gods as birdsrightsactivist tweets

06:20 pm

nanowrimo scene, oh no

08:15 pm

i arrive at my cave

08:15 pm

bottleofink: as for me and my house we will serve the Lord and...

08:15 pm

firstandlastandonly: quinnrising: three-legged-cow: An owl...

08:15 pm

History may not repeat itself, but it sure does rhyme a lot.

12:20 am

seelcudoom: wetwareproblem: closetskeleton666: spoonie-sone: m...

12:50 am


02:10 am

thirtymilesout: Solitude Great Plains, Nebraska photo Andrew...

03:35 am

southernslytherin: ok tumblr, you seem interested in

03:35 am

This advice on how to deal with "racist mouthy twats" has gone viral because it's good advice

12:40 am

phobs-heh: Pop-culture in Leyendecker’s style,

12:40 am

homestuckandmylife: kaijuno: diner: entered dollars:

12:40 am

tastefullyoffensive: How to Sofa (via imgur)

12:40 am

theatresetsandprops: gleekto: For those not following on twitter - Mike Pence went to Hamilton...

12:40 am

artistjakeprendez: In honor of Indigenous peoples day, Here are...

02:15 am

hheroes: but real talk does mike

04:35 am

nanowrimo: 30,268 words

01:05 pm

miles-pro-libertate: dungeons-and-vegans: pryathis: dungeons-a...

01:10 pm

sasukehateblog: me: can i say something mean and petty? my friends, sitting at the edge of their...

01:10 pm


01:10 pm

eatsleepdraw: The Woodsman by Catherine...

12:10 am

Terrible AU's to break your heart. - anonymousAlchemist - Over the Garden Wall (Cartoon) [Archive of

12:10 am

I listened to Welcome to the Black Parade for the first time in like two years and wow it is still..

01:15 am

the-crazy-geek:Cross stitched fridge magnet. (Not shown are the...

02:30 am

fursasaida: an-alternative-lifestyle: binches: flannelsandjeans: we can only sext if we roleplay...

04:10 am

banshy: Marvel Lake by: Tom Parker

02:23 pm

weloveshortvideos: indie singers on Christmas

02:23 pm

witchchic1012: peaceheather: skiesovergideon: things you do at a coffee shop: buy coffee. dick...

03:13 pm

leah-cultice:Grace Hartzel by Patrick Demarchelier for Vogue...

04:43 pm

alrightanakin: Not to be dramatic but Harry Potter would lose his fucking shit if he knew how y'all.

06:14 pm

xlivvielockex: Reposted from something I saw on Facebook

06:14 pm

adventuresinjoyland: Want to yell at the legislature? (By which I mean, speak very politely to the..

06:14 pm

How to call your reps when you have social anxiety

06:14 pm

cryptohomorocker: lovingmyselfishard: fuckyeahcomicsbaby: Dif...

08:23 pm


12:43 am

madlori: onlyblackgirl: Shout out to all retail workers that will have to listen to the same 6...

01:53 am

I enter the outdated song meme sanctuary

05:11 am

nanowrimo updates

11:11 pm

maorisakai: - Personal work - 

11:26 pm


06:23 pm

ESL tutoring this morning turned into an impromptu history lesson about race relations in the United


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