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Based off an ask of andthensomelion’s who recommended a whale in a Chrestomanci dressing  gown which I morphed into Chrestomanci in a whale in a Chrestomanci dressing gown dressing gown which erupted into Chrestomanci giving Millie a Chrestomanci in a Whale in a Chrestomanci dressing gown dressing gown dressing gown. I spent a day and a half on this. My life is in shambles. 
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“If I have a fault, Grant, it’s being too clever.”
- Christopher Chant, modesty embodied. [From Conrad’s Fate by Diana Wynne Jones] (via kateviardo)
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diana wynne jones moments that Fuckign Kill Me:
- the scene in howl’s moving castle where howl shows up in total disarray and sophie’s like “he must really love ms. angorian :(” and NO SOPHIE. HE REALLY LOVES YOU.
- the bit in charmed life where janet is the FIRST PERSON EVER to even NOTICE how fucked-up cat’s demeanor is and she probably KNOWS it’s all gwendolen’s fault and just want to protect this smol child that nobody has ever really cared for since his parents died
- the fact that cat, extremely powerful nine-lived enchanter, uses his Super Powerful Enchanter Magic to. get the horse chestnuts to ripen. what a wonderful darling.
- nan and estelle. BEING FRIENDS. also “oh goody! i’m a witch!” estelle my wonderful child
- fuckign calcifer.
- sophie realizing how she’s fucking gorgeous actually
- michael and martha. being. fucking adorable.
- cat getting to STAND UP FOR HIMSELF and say “actually no you had no right to keep vital information about me and make me feel like GRABBING SOME DRAGON BLOOD AND HOPPING OVER INTO TH E NEXT WORLD was the only option I had left” . also taking his magic back from gwendolen holy hell.
- characters showing love and agency and thought and using incredible incredible magic and ! Fuck! This woman was a genius and will live in my heart forever!!


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