Sep. 29th, 2016

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Destroy the idea that spreading this like wildfire will make it louder for the people in the back.
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On September 26, 1983, Duty Officer Stanislav Petrov, stationed at the Oko nuclear early-warning system command center, saw that his computer system was reporting that six missiles had been launched from the United States towards Russia.

Mr. Petrov correctly judged that the system was experiencing a malfunction and that the missile strike was a false alarm, and did not call for retaliatory launches of Soviet missiles, thereby preventing what would have been large-scale nuclear war.

I am very glad of Stanislav Petrov.
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scene: a bunch of cis historian men sitting around a coffee table, faces in their hands, ties loosened, exhausted from wracking their brains trying to figure out why the greeks would have a god with breasts and a penis. suddenly, a man bursts through the door, sweating and panting, shirt half-untucked from his pants

“you guys… i … hhff….i got it… its uh… it’s symbolic of heterosexual marriage”
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1. an inhabitant of the forest, woods or groves.


2. of or pertaining to forests, woodland or groves.

Etymology: from Latin nemoralis, from nemor-, nemus, “wood, grove”.

[RHADS - Forest Spirit]
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please stop romanticizing skeleton hell

um… no?
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Leslie Cheung and Tony Leung in Happy Together by Wing Shya (directed by Wong Kar Wai, 1997)
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We all need some luck this week, so I’m posting some lucky images as we head into the depths of autumn.

This is the excessively lucky bird, the Andean Cock of the Rock. (x)

Those darker feathers look so fake. Like, I had to google ACotRs to double-check someone hadn’t just poorly-shopped a tactical vest onto the bird for some reason. (seriously, look at the awful attempt at smudge-blending the orange into the grey on one part of the left shoulder and leaving the rest just cut out like that. Ridiculous.)
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Every now and then, the Marauders fandom gets upset that James was chosen to be a Head Boy when he wasn’t a Prefect.

But of course he was.

It started in the autumn of his fifth year. The fifteen-year-old marched through the corridors, feeling rather important, a badge pinned to his robes.

Filch caught him within the first five minutes. To be fair, James hadn’t tried to run. (If he had, he would have gotten away). He had no reason to. Still, the caretaker grumbled threats of torture as he dragged the Chaser to Professor McGonagall’s office.

“Pretending to be a Prefect,” Filch snarled.

“I’m not pretending you old—” James eventually broke off as he realized that there was no use shouting at the lump of clay that was the caretaker. And so, he turned to Professor McGonagall and said, “I’m a temporary Prefect for the night.”

“Are you?” she asked, with a flicker of amusement. “I don’t seem to recall appointing you as such.”

“You know, Sirius’ brother told me something interesting the other day,” James said. “Did you know that if you looked at the night sky, you could see a star that represents them both? Isn’t that strange. Look for yourself, Professor.”

And she glanced out the window and saw the stars in question. Right next to the nearly full moon. Her face gave away nothing, but she curtly dismissed the caretaker, who seemed surprised if not furious.

“Surely you want me to stay to deliver the punishment?” Filch asked.

“There will be no punishment,” Professor McGonagall said curtly. “You caught a Prefect out of bed. That’s not exactly against the rules, is it?”

James could have hugged her.

As soon as the caretaker was gone, she pushed the tin of biscuits towards James. It didn’t even need saying at this point. He grinned and took his favorite kind. She always had them.

“I didn’t even think…” she whispered. “It’s not full for another three days.”

“I know,” said James. “But he’s really sick this time.”

“He should have told me,” she said. “I would have given him the time off.”

“Yeah, well,” James shrugged. “You know Remus.”

She smiled; she did indeed.

“Did he brief you on your responsibilities?” the professor asked.

“If by ‘briefed’ you mean ‘went into a three-hour lecture on what I should or should not do’ then yeah.”

“You know that I can’t make this official,” Professor McGonagall said. “People would talk.”

“Nah, I know,” James said. 

“You can’t brag about this.”

“I know.”

“You can’t abuse your privileges.”

“I know.”

“Take another biscuit.”

He grinned and did so.

“I believe you have work to do,” she said.

James gave her a mock salute and marched away. He performed Remus’ duties all night, never once abusing the power, knowing that doing so would tarnish Remus’ reputation. He performed them the next two nights as well and told a very skeptical Professor McGonagall that he was sick on the night of the full moon. (”Oh dear,” she said. “I hope your illness stagnates.”)

Truth be told, James was a Prefect almost as much as Remus was.

They were some of the only times in his term at Hogwarts that he solemnly swore that he wasn’t up to no good.

IM MAKING THIS CANON! I declare it canon!!! So be it!!! @asktheboywholived
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I have the house to myself today for the first time in weeks (!!!) and my first day not working or traveling in a month (!!!!!) so I spent 4 hours today cleaning and dusting and putting shit away in the living room and kitchen because they were grubby and dusty and cluttered; went grocery shopping; organized my closet; and hung some things in the front hallway. And swept every common area in the house. Once I’ve wound some yarn, I’m going to sort through the Collapsible Laundry Hamper of Holding in my closet and then make lasagna. And then possibly cry with joy before going to sleep. I wish I’d thought to take before/after photos of the living areas, they look 1000% better.
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If this kid comes back in like 20 years dressed as a massive buff gyarados I’ll eat my shirt

😂- tagging @copperbadge to share the mental image

If that happens they need to find John Barrowman to re-create the photo. 

I mean I don’t think a super-buff dude in a Gyarados costume will have trouble attracting John Barrowman, so it shouldn’t be difficult. 


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